5 TOP-RATED eyelash serums: the best way to emphasize your gaze
Nothing emphasizes your eyes as well as strong, healthy lashes. In order to have them, you need to remember to care for them properly. Women often forget about it but these are the basics! We have 5 TOP-RATED eyelash serums for you that will help you lengthen and thicken your hairs and prevent hair loss.

How to regenerate lashes?

A lash serum stimulates lash follicles so they become strong, thick and striking. Each day, more will start to appear and lash loss will be eliminated. All you need is systematicity and patience. Take care of your eyelashes by bringing them the regeneration they need. A good lash serum is the basis of a beautiful look. 

How does a good eyelash serum work?

A good eyelash serum reaches deep into lash follicles and nourished them from within. It reduces lash loss and breaking hairs, stimulates their growth and envelops each one with an invisible protective barrier. A product full of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals forms a natural UV filter and inhibits ageing processes. If you value maintaining the good condition of your lashes, go for a lash serum each day to ensure a healthy look.


1. Nanolash Eyelash Serum

It’s the best lash serum because:

  • has a safe formula for every consumer,
  • ensures stronger and longer lashes after just 30 days of use,
  • it’s the best solution for sensitive eyes,
  • gains multiple glowing reviews and opinions all over the world,
  • has been tested dermatologically and ophthalmologically.

The Nanolash serum is the most popular choice among thousands of women across the world. It was made thanks to several-year dermatological and ophthalmological studies so you are sure that the product is completely safe and effective. After just fifteen days of use, the first visible effects will start to occur. By the time the treatment is finished, you will be mesmerized by the depth of your eyes. Lashes will be thicker, longer and stronger. The serum prevents hair loss and your hairs won’t be brittle and fragile anymore. The product’s application is especially comfortable and it’s due to the ultra-thin, precision brush. Simply use the product just like you would do with regular eyeliner. The safe ingredients don’t cause allergies, irritation or redness. This lash serum is foolproof and it can be used by both men and women. Nanolash Eyelash Serum is based on the best, specially-selected components that nourish lash follicles to the very ends. As a result, they will grow much faster and, what’s more, they’ll become stronger and thicker. Go for the Nanolash serum and it will surely steal your heart!

2. Lashcode Eyelash Serum

Another common choice when it comes to lash serums. It’s because of:

  • ensures lashes doubled in length and density,
  • adds the volume you’ve always desired,
  • regenerates, strengthens and nurtures thin hairs,
  • has well-selected, safe ingredients.

Lashcode Eyelash Serum is a fantastic lash serum which is often chosen by many happy users. It’s equipped with a precision applicator that simplifies everyday use. After just two weeks, you will notice that your lashes are clearly stronger and thicker. Its remarkable formula contains natural nourishing ingredients that take care of the beauty of your eyes. You can find here a peptide complex that stimulates keratin synthesis, reconstructing and regenerating lashes at the same time, soy and wheat germ extracts that care for the proper hydration levels and promote hair growth, and arginine that facilitates reaching the nourishing substances to the inside of lash follicles. By going for the Lashcode serum, you are sure that it won’t disappoint you.

3. RevitaLash Advanced Eyelash  Conditioner

A great lash conditioner because:

  • makes her stronger and more supple,
  • doesn’t contain harmful substances,
  • protects eyelashes from damage and lash loss,
  • moisturizes, conditions, revitalizes.

This safe eyelash serum is a world-famous product developed by ophthalmologists. After a three-month everyday treatment, your eyelashes will become strong, healthy and resistant to external factors. Its formula with BioPeptin Complex® and the highest-quality plant extracts benefits the look and texture of eyelashes. They get much more supple and easier to style. The product strengthens lashes, and doesn’t contain acetone, artificial dyes, oily substances, alcohol or other potentially harmful ingredients.

4. RapidLash Eyelash Enhancing Serum

A common choice because:

  • has been proven by dermatological and ophthalmological research,
  • safe for contact lens wearers,
  • free of parabens,
  • cruelty-free.

A fantastic lash serum dedicated to women who wish to improve the look of their eyelashes. Thanks to this product, they will grow longer faster, become darker and noticeably enhanced. Its composition includes: polypeptides full of amino acids that protect lashes against lash loss, biotin, an essential substance essential for healthy-looking lashes, panthenol which ensures hydration and nourishment as well as pumpkin seed extract, a rich source of vitamins and minerals.

5. FEG Eyelash Enhancer

This serum gained popularity because:

  • it positively affects the length and density of the lashes,
  • the hairs are darker and more enhanced,
  • it’s a great treatment for weak lashes damaged by lash extensions,
  • stimulates natural hair growth and strengthens it.

FEG Eyelash Enhancer is a lash serum known all over the world. The regenerating treatment nurtures, strengthens and regenerates lashes damaged by chemotherapy or the wrong product selection. Its unique formula reaches lash follicles and acts from the inside. The product decelerates ageing processes effectively, inhibits hair loss and stimulates the growth of new ones. This efficient lash serum will last you up to 4 months. It has an FDA certificate which ensures safety for those with sensitive skin. The natural hypoallergenic ingredients thicken and lengthen your hairs while the thick consistency doesn’t irritate your eyes.

How to use an eyelash serum?

Want your lashes to grow longer, thick and beautifully defined? You will need to take care of them from within. Choose a good-quality product for lash growth and you will see a difference really soon. Follow the instructions provided after thoroughly removing your makeup on dry skin every day – they will get the glow and protection you have always dreamed of. It will prevent your lashes from breaking or falling out! Enjoy naturally dark and full lashes that will amaze everyone!