You hear the word ‘butter’ and what probably comes to your mind is this yellow-shaded dairy product. Obviously, butter is used not only for eating. When treated as a cosmetic, butter is able to moisturise, smooth, nourish and regenerate body skin. Do you know, what are cosmetic butters?

What is cosmetic butter?

Cosmetic butter is a product destined for body skin moisturization. It is characterized by dense and oily texture therefore, it is ideal for sensitive, dry and super dry skin care. What is more, cosmetic butter is easy to apply on skin, although, we have to wait long to let the product get absorbed completely. Again, cosmetic butter is able to hydrate skin thoroughly yet leaves on skin surface slightly oily layer. For that reason, we have to hold up putting on clothes if we put on the butter. In general, such product contains intensive fragrances and may include plant particles.

Types of cosmetic butter

It is advisable to use natural cosmetic butter for sensitive and dry skin care. Why is that? Such cosmetics have numerous certificates and their composition is characterized by substances and plant extracts originated from organic farming. What are the types of cosmetic butter?
The most popular is Shea butter, also known as karite butter. It is produced with vitellaria nuts. Tree that produces these nuts is grown in Africa. Basically, this plant is rich oin vitamins, minerals and unsaturated fatty acids. These substances in turn provide skin with deep oiling, youthful look, nourishment and regeneration. Moreover, Shea butter has either white or pale yellow colour. In the room conditions is solid, but when warmed up on palms of the hands, it turns into being a semi-liquid oil. Furthermore, this product softens, smooths and makes skin more tautened. Another positive aspect to mention, this natural cosmetic accelerates wound healing processes, relieves irritations and sunburns. In fact, it can be used for psoriasis curing. If applied on hair, it prevents ends from splitting and obviously provides moisturization.
Coca butter is made out of cacao tree nuts, that naturally grows in South America. In order to produce coca butter, nuts of this tree have to, at first, undergo fermentation processes, then drying-out, roasting and finally these have to be pressed. Basically, coca butter is able to moisturise, regenerate, and protect skin from harmful working of external aggressors. The cosmetic has to be applied on body but before that, it has to be warmed up on palms.
Similar to coca butter is another natural cosmetic named cupuacu butter. It is obtained from cacao tree grown in Amazon rainforest. The product has pleasant and intensive scent and beige colour. When it comes to its properties, these are almost identical as coca butter, however, it can be applied on sensitive and atopic skin type.
Another cosmetic, Kombo butter is made of Myristica fragrans that grows in Africa. The product is of dark brown colour and spicy-and-nut scent. In short, kombo butter has anti-fugal, pain-killing as well as skin caring and nourishing features.

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