Amla is increasing in popularity in the beauty world as one of the most desired caring ingredients. It holds dandruff back, prevents thinning and beautifies the hair. Because of such benefits, women are reaching out for Dabur Amla Hair Oil more and more often. How does it work?

Anyone who hasn’t heard of Amla Oil must immediately catch up and find out about Dabur Amla effects and why it’s one of the most popular Ayurvedic products that have been launched on the world cosmetic market. Most of all, I must emphasize that this oil is intended for dark hair because it has darkening properties and intensifies the color. What’s the key thing about the product? Amla Fruit Extract which is commonly known as the Indian gooseberry because of the fruit that’s similar to gooseberries.

Amla – Valuable Hair Benefits

No matter the name, the Indian gooseberry or Amla is a plant that offers amazing hair benefits. Macerated in an oil, Amla Fruit Extract has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory qualities. That’s why Dabur Amla is an effective product for the problematic scalp. Used regularly, Amla Oil makes the hair better nourished and reinforced. Consequently, hair no longer falls out in excess, it’s less prone to damage yet much more elastic.

How to use Dabur Amla Oil?

Before the application, you should know that it’s one of hair oils that have a very intense aroma, called ‘exotic’ by some people. It’s true that some noses aren’t going to like it. Nevertheless, for best effects, you should rub Dabur Amla Oil in the scalp for about five minutes, spread on the hair and leave in for the night. Then, you wash the hair in the morning as usual. You don’t need to let it sit in hair that long e.g. keep it for an hour. The regularity of applications is much more important.