Such a beautiful eye shadow palettes could be created only by Guerlain. We know other versions of this cosmetic, which are in forms of double or quadruple eye shadows but Ecrin 6 Couleurs Precious Eyeshadows – Tailor Harmonies tops it all. What is so outstanding about this product?

Firstly, the package. The moment we get the palette out of the cardboard box, we can notice gossamer-like lid with the brand’s name on it. Inside, there is a mirror provided. It is placed in such a way that its upper part creates a background for a square pattern engraved on the lid. What is more, the mirror functions also as a kind of a shield for the eye shadows. Furthermore, the palette contains also a double-ended applicator. And these are the eye shadows!

Secondly, eye shadows themselves. There are six of these in each palette. These are composed in such a way to help each of us do elegant eye make-up. Ecrin 6 Couleurs Precious Eyeshadows – Tailor Harmonies contains both matte and iridescent shades. The central, and at the same time, the smallest shadow is the brightest one and is decorated with the brand’s initials. Worth mentioning, the colour cosmetics can be applied wet and dry. In both cases, all we obtain is a perfect and exceptional look. Eye shadows by Guerlain have velvet-like texture, are easy to apply and blend flawlessly. Moreover, these are characterized by longevity, do not fleck and look simply astonishing when applied on an eye shadow keeper.

Thirdly, colours. What kind of Ecrin 6 Couleurs Precious Eyeshadows – Tailor Harmonies  palettes does Guerlain offer? For example, 93 Rue de Passy is a combination of pink, browns and greys. Pinks and violets are closed in 66 Boulevard du Montparnasse palette. When it comes to 10 Rue des Francis – Bourgeois, this palette is characterized by brown shades and nudes. Another set called 2 Place Vendome contains blue and grey shadows. For grey, violet and black shades lovers 68 Champs – Elysees would be just a perfect choice. The last palette by Guerlain, Beaugrenelle, contains blue shades as well as one grey and one beige. Additionally, shadows placed in this very palette are decorated with similar patterns as the one located on the lid.

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