Some people say that life begins after turning 40. Perhaps it does, but not for the skin. If you don’t take good care of your complexion, the changes that occur in the skin may be pretty serious. For that reason, using the right face cream is a must – make it a present for your skin’s 40 birthday. But which product should you choose?

The one thing that remains unchanged is matching the skin care product to your skin type. Many people’s skin is dry, but acne and oily complexion happen also to those who have reached their maturity. So this is why many wonder which face cream would serve 40-year-old skin best. Fortunately, it appears that finding the product in question isn’t difficult if you know your skin well.

Learn a few easy-to-follow tricks that we’ve prepared for you.

What happens to skin after turning 40?

All skin care mistakes you’ve made before turning 40 are now painfully visible. This means that if you haven’t been neglecting the needs of your skin for a few years back, your face won’t reveal your age when you’re over 40. In other words, if you committed some sins against your skin, for example if you didn’t protect it against cold weather, UV rays or dry air, then your 40-year-old skin will be fed up pretending that everything is fine. Neglected throughout a few years, skin becomes dehydrated, saggy and dull. On top of that, every time you have a late night, you wake up with imperfections, puffiness and dark circles. Lastly, in your 40’s, you can see crow’s feet because eye skin lacks a tiny layer of sebum to protect it from damage. This is why, apart from a face cream, you should also use an eye cream on a day-to-day basis.

Best beauty routine for skin in your 40s

This may sound too general but it’s true: you must take GOOD care of it. This means that if you’ve been treating your skin badly, now it’s the right time to fix it. Actually, this is the last change to do so. Begin with regular deep cleansing – get yourself a good enzymatic peel, and never go to bed without removing makeup first. Wipe off all color cosmetics from your face using a micellar lotion and cleansing foam. The latter is super gentle to skin but merciless for impurities. Additionally, do your best to find a nutrient-rich face tonic that prepares skin for serum or cream; it helps the skin products penetrate deeper and balance pH. Also, bear in mind that skin in all ages should be protected against UV and hydrated – this will delay ageing. When talking about hydration, keep drinking mineral water. Last but not least, don’t forget that good nighttime rest, or lack of it, also influences the appearance of your skin.

Face cream for skin at 40

Retinol – this is our answer. This is what your face cream should be formulated with. Obviously, you can also reach for a retinol face serum. Introduce it to your night beauty routine. Why should you use it at bedtime? Even though the advanced and professional skin care products are safe, there is a minimal risk of skin discoloration when you expose the skin to the sun after applying a product with retinol. Since moisturizing is super important, try to find a cream containing hyaluronic acid and SPF (at least 30). It would be also good for you if you managed to find a cream enriched with collagen and peptides, which are proven to fix wrinkled skin. When it comes to eye skin, treat it with caffeine and stem cells. You should be fine!