Eyelashes – small hairs but causing so many problems. How to strengthen them? What is the best way to emphasize your eyelashes? Is it better to take care of your own or invest in false ones? Check the advantaged and disadvantages of each solution and decide for yourself.

Women all over the world love make-up because this is a great way to make the eyes more expressive and the look full of light. Our face becomes more beautiful so is our general look, we also become more self-confident. It’s enough to properly emphasize the eyelashes to achieve such an effect.

How to add volume to your eyelashes?

There are many ways to emphasize the eyes. Some people have naturally thick and expressive eyelashes – those women don’t have to worry about proper care and make-up. Most of us, however, have thin and sparse lashes that need to be properly taken care of. Here are the most common ways to give your eyelashes more volume.

Method 1


If your eyelashes are too thin and sparse, you should nurture them properly. They will become healthier, thicker and stronger when in good condition. It is important to properly moisturise, nourish and regenerate these tiny hairs when they are damaged.

The two simplest ways to strengthen eyelashes are:

  • oiling i.e. regular application on an appropriate amount of natural oil, thanks to which the lashes acquire vitality; it is quite problematic as you need to use a clean mascara brush to apply it to the lashes and the consistency does not make the task easier;
  • eyelash serum, i.e. a much more comfortable and generally better method, because a properly composed serum not only reaches deep into the bulbs, but also has a stronger effect. It is also more convenient to use (if it has a brush) and is absorbed quickly leaving no oily layer on the lashes.

Method 2


Another way to add volume is through make-up. We can use false eyelashes – these, however, are difficult to attach and may look unnatural – or apply mascara. A good formula will certainly lengthen and thicken them also giving the volume we need to make the eye more open. The most essential is the choice of mascara.

Features of a good mascara:

  • has a silicone, elastic, slightly tapered at the end brush;
  • its formula is light: it does not stick the lashes together;
  • contains additional ingredients that care for eyelashes during the day;
  • dries fast enough not to leave stains on the eyelids, but at the same time slow enough not to create clumps.

Method 3


If we care about the maximum volume of eyelashes, we can also try professional beauty treatments. Very popular are eyelash extensions, which, however, have many disadvantages. Why eyelash extensions are not recommended? Here are its most serious disadvantages:

  • It weakens the eyelashes that can fall out when overloaded.
  • Very often it gives a very unnatural effect.
  • It costs a lot and the lashes have to be refilled.
  • In the first weeks after you have to be very careful.