Have you ever wondered how beneficial natural oils could be in your daily care? Our Grandmothers were right: everything our hair and skin like is within our reach. Here are the three, most popular oils. What are they like?

ARGAN OIL – it is believed to be one of the most expensive oils in the whole wide world – which is not entirely true. The original Argan oil should be produced in Morocco because that is where the argan tree plantation is placed. Their nuts are used to extract this precious substance. Therefore, at every attempt of purchase, you should check the country of origin to avoid buying a fake one. Unfortunately, the market is full of questionable products.

Argan oil in hair care: nourishes, rebuilds, strengthens, provides thermal protection, adds shine and softness, supports the fight with hair loss.

Argan oil in skin care: balances sebum secretion, helps reduce acne, delays ageing processes, moisturises, calms irritated skin and regenerates.

COCONUT OIL – you either love it or hate it. Many women are afraid to use it on a daily basis because it has a buttery consistency. You should know that the oil works well on its own, or as a massage oil, body lotion and a hair mask; simply warm it up by rubbing it in the palms of your hands. How does it work?

Coconut oil in hair care: supports restoring the natural protective hydro-lipid layer, prevents water and protein loss, makes the hair glossy and sleek.

Coconut oil in skin care: makes the skin soft and smooth, improves resilience, soothes irritation and provides anti-wrinkle action.

ALMOND OIL – it is extracted from sweet almonds that are rich in valuable nutrients and contain everything necessary in hair and skin care. It is a light oil with a lovely scent. It works best on its own but you can also find it in ready-made cosmetics. What are its properties?

Almond oil in hair care: protects against solar radiation and other harmful factors, delays ageing processes, enhances shine, smoothes and protects the hair ends.

Almond oil in skin care: soothes irritations, deeply moisturises epidermis, makes the skin even, reinforces

 »In daily skin and hair care, it is definitely worth going for natural oils. You can choose one of the three described above or find out what other hair or skin oils are popular and recommended.«