Eyebrows is the central point of the face, if styled correctly, they can emphasize the beauty. Along with systematic plucking, which is the basis of their care, it’s worth taking care of their appropriate colour and shape. How to choose the right colour of the eyebrows so that it matches the hair colour and shape to the shape of the face?

Improper colour will add to an unnatural effect affecting the general look of the face. So how to ake the right choice?

First of all, the colour of the eyebrows should not be identical to the shade of the hair, the eyebrows will usually still look darker. Second of all, this choice should be based not only on the hair colour but also on the complexion.

Blond hair
Fair-haired women should choose products in warm tones, which is why grey and ashy shades are not suitable for them. The best would be taupe, the shade of grey brown. Generally, the colour of the eyebrow pencil should be two or three tones darker than the natural colour of the hair. The only colour that is not recommended is definitely black.

Dark hair
Dark-haired women usually reach for black pencils, but this is not the best idea. Why? Because it usually looks unnatural, especially if dark hair is accompanied by a light complexion. Dark-haired women should use products in lighter tones. Darker hair look good with deep brown, ebony and graphite, lighter – more delicate brown, for instance chocolate or caramel.

Ginger hair
Red hair can have red or light brown reflections. In the first case, its good to choose products in warm tones, especially a warm shade of chestnut. In the second – caramel shades would be a good solution.

How to match the shape of eyebrows to the shape of face?

To obtain an eye-catching effect, the eyebrows need to match the features of the face. To specify:

1. Measure the length of your face from the tip of your forehead to the chin.

2. Divide the result by 3.

3. Measure the distance between the tip of the nose and the tip of the chin

  • if the second value exceeds the first, the face is probably long;
  • if the first value exceeds the second, the face is probably round;
  • if both values are equal, the face is probably oval.

In the case of a long face, a shorter eyebrow with a long curve will give the effect of a fuller face. A round face looks well with a highlighted curve of the arch thanks to which the facial contours are sharper. The arch should be relatively high. It is also recommended to use the lines that are as vertical as possible and to avoid any rounding. When it comes to oval face, a full eyebrow will attract attention to the eyes and flatten the face shape slightly. Even though the best choice is a slightly curved arch, oval face looks fine with any type of eyebrows.