Every woman wants to look beautiful for the New Year’s party. If your dress waits for moths for the party and you already came up with the make-up idea, then there is only one thing left to do. What is it? You have to take care of the hair, so that the last day of the year it look at its best. Let’s see how to achieve it.

Just two weeks is enough for your hair to be regenerated and full of gloss. During every hair wash, perform quick scalp massage. This treatment will boost blood circulation, strengthen hair bulbs, speed up active substances absorption and relax you. For the massage, use cosmetics with essential oils or nourishing serum. Right after hair wash, on hair apply some hair mask. What should you do to improve cosmetic’s action? Put on a plastic cap to generate heat that will speed up absorption of nourishing ingredients.

Did you know that hair brushing can improve its condition? If you want your hair style to be beautiful and healthy, buy a hair brush with boar bristle or made with natural materials. Start brushing at the hair ends to avoid tangling. This will spread the sebum that was on the top of the head. Hair brush with ecological materials is best for it. Thanks to this trick, your hair style will have natural gloss. Another thing is that if you go for volume, you should bend your head and brush hair from the roots down.

If you are bored with your old hair style, do something crazy. Fringe is going to be a great solution. What’s interesting about it, is that you can do it yourself. Just buy a small scissors at the drugstore; but remember that these must be sharp. Wash your hair and dry them. Never cut your hair wet, because water expands its length and volume. Then divide fringe into two sections and cut each of them separately. Lastly, run through hair with your fingers and implement the adjustments.

Style your hair on the brush. Start drying with the strands closest to the face. To finish the treatment, turn on cold air stream, which also will seal open hair cuticles and make hair glossy. To provide hair style with volume, use thick rollers. Put them on the top of the head, on the back and on the sides. If you dream about waves, try oil in spray. You can make it yourself by mixing coconut oil, sea salt, water and leave-in conditioner.

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