Wrinkles, dark circles and puffiness may be the outcomes of night-long parties, hard work, tiredness or hours spent sitting in front of the TV set. How to get rid of these unwelcome skin imperfections? For example, you can use an eye serum from Clinique, All About Eyes Serum De – Puffing Eye Massage.

The under eye roll-on serum relieves irritations, regenerates the fatigued eye skin area, reduces bruises and swellings. The metal roller’s aim is to cool the skin under eyes. What is more, it works as a small massaging device and you do not have to massage the eye skin area with your fingertips using a typical under eye cream. While massaging, the blood circulation is significantly improved and skin tautening is considerably enhanced. As a consequence, eye skin area is smoothed and highlighted. Quite important, All About Eyes Serum De-Puffing Eye Massage was dermatologist-tested, which is why, people having sensitive skin or suffering from breaking capillaries are free to use the cosmetic. But it is not everything. Clinique product is fragrance-free, neither cause allergic reactions nor irritate. It is especially recommended to everyone struggling with so-called under eyes bags, fatigued eyes, dark circles and dull skin around eyes. Those, spending long hours working in front of the computer are also suggested to take advantage of All About Eyes Serum. Basically, Clinique product is destined for all skin types. Another key feature, people wearing either contact lenses or glasses can freely use All About Eyes Serum.

How does the application of About Eyes Serum look like? First of all, cleanse and dry your eye skin area. Then, you can apply the serum. Start from the inner corner of the eye by pushing slightly the metal roll towards skin layer. Next, move the applicator under the lower eyelid, however, do not approach to the eye. Suffice to apply the serum an inch from the eye. A point to mention, All About Eyes Serum De-Puffing Eye Massage can be applied also under make-up. Finally, the cosmetic is destined for morning and evening skin care treatment.

What are the components of All About Eyes Serum? The cosmetic comprises of among others E vitamin and a cucumber extract. The first ingredient, E vitamin, reduces puffiness, soothes wrinkles, makes skin more tautened and accelerates collagen production. When it comes to the second ingredient, the cucumber extract, it intensively hydrates eye skin area, refreshes and nourishes skin.

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