By modifying an old proverb, we can say that: “Two brushes are better than one”. Guerlain cosmetic brand has come up with a mascara equipped with not one but two brushes! This no ordinary cosmetic is named Le 2 de Guerlain, Two Brush Mascara 360° Lashes, and is able to double eyelashes’ length.

Why would anybody need two brushes? The bigger one, the handle of which is decorated with brand’s logo, is destined for coating longer eyelashes, especially those located on upper eyelids. The bristle is fairly short and densely arranged, therefore, eyelashes can be not only precisely coated with the mascara but also carefully separated. The smaller one, slightly curved, has tiny and sparsely arranged bristle. Thanks to this brush, all short eyelashes, especially these growing in corners of the eyes, can be flawlessly coated with Guerlain mascara. These simply look extended and denser. Basically, two brushes might create the impression of extremely useful, might not these? Imagine the following situation, morning, you are rushing for work and your make-up is not ready yet. You are reaching for the mascara and coating your lashes with the bigger and then with the smaller brush, twisting on and off the applicators several times, gathering the cosmetic on both brushes… Very time-consuming and tiresome. What is more, two brushes provided equals less space for mascara. You know, one thing or the other.

Mascara Le 2 de Guerlain evenly coats lashes with either intensive black or brown shaded cosmetic. Those women who are counting on eyelash thickening will be rather disappointed with the product. However, the mascara does not stain eyelids and does not flake out although it is not waterproof. The cosmetic can be removed by any regular liquid make-up remover. Suffice to damp a cotton pad and press is towards eyes. After a while the mascara should relocate itself from eyelashes into the cotton pad. No rubbing necessary. If you feel like, you can repeat the procedure.

Le 2 de Guerlain, Two Brush Mascara 360° Lashes has delicate, fruit and flower flavour. You will scent vanilla, lemon, bergamot, fleur-de-lys and tonka bean. As mentioned before, the mascara can be bought in two shades: 10 Noir (intensive black) and 30 Burn (dark brown).

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