Undoubtedly, cellulite is the nightmare of many women. This skin imperfection is typical for mothers-to-be, people with wrong eating habits, suffer from hormonal disorders and who refrain from physical activity. Fortunately, there are methods thanks to which you can deal with the orange peel. Just start using massagers and your body will become smooth and supple again!

Vacuum Cup & Chinese Bubbles

In plain English, massagers called Vacuum Cup work due to skin-sucking. To facilitate the device smoother glide, skin has to be covered either with oil or balm. Otherwise, the massager might suck the skin too strongly and the use of it might become almost impossible. Moreover, this machine produces bruising and swellings. While operating the device, it produces very loud sounds, the lifespan of batteries is super short and charging occupies the entire day.

Similar action is delivered by Chinese Bubbles. While massaging, it is the power of muscles that is used – the pressure we put to the skin can be controlled. During the first massage small bruising might appear, which in fact disappears after a while. Also, this procedure requires using cosmetics providing easy glide of Chinese Bubbles and supplying your skin with many nourishing substances.

Brushes & Anti-Cellulite Roller Massagers

The truth is the insets that anti-cellulite roller massagers feature don’t remove cellulite, yet only massage skin. Both brushes and rollers can be used on dry skin, under the shower or after applying oils. If your skin is very delicate, bruise-prone and has the tendency to, so-called, red spider veins, such items are perfect for you. Thanks to brushes and anti-cellulite roller massagers you will smooth and restore suppleness to your skin.

Professional Lymphatic Drainage Massage

This is how cosmetologists call anti-cellulite massage. During this treatment a special device emitting ultrasounds is used. Of course, this procedure couldn’t be so effective if it wasn’t also for special preparations that need to be used along with the device. Needle mesotherapy, application of caffeine- and algae-featuring cosmetics, inhalation of essential oils and following sensible diet can help you combat orange peel.

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