1. Home-made sun cream. Skin protection from UVA (Ultraviolet A) and UVB (Ultraviolet B) is proven to be necessary even during winter. And preparing this kind of a cosmetic at home is much cheaper that purchasing a professional product of appropriate SPF (Sun Protection Filter) at a chemist’s. However, nobody really knows for sure, how high is the level of skin protection provided by the ingredients used for the home-made sunscreen. For that reason, it is better to be on the safe side and reach for sun creams available in shops.

2. Mascara with coal or other black pigment. Perhaps this sort of a colour cosmetic is natural and cheap, but is it safe enough to be used on the regular basis? People who are allergic to any of the ingredients included into this D.I.Y. mascara are advised against using this kind of cosmetic inventions. What is more, a mascara that contains coal in its composition is not long-lasting and cause a lot of problems while applying.

3. Crushed nutshells of walnuts in cosmetics. Adding crushed walnut nutshells to cosmetics prepared at home is regarded as dangerous. Why? It is highly possible that these small parts of walnuts might irritate delicate and dry face skin. Even when added to a body scrub, crushed walnuts may cause more harm than good.

4. Similar word of warning might consider lemon juice. On one hand, this yellow liquid makes skin energetic, highlights discolourations, and increases immunity. But on the other hand, if we applied lemon juice on irritated skin, than we will remember its working for long – this stinging and unpleasant pain caused during contact of lemon juice with skin rubs or small wounds of epidermis.

5. Sugar paste for hair removal. Firstly, widely-used in beauty parlours sugar paste (for a beauty treatment called sugaring) can cause plenty of troubles while preparing it at home. Secondly, not everyone is skilful enough to use sugar paste for hair removal. Yes, this is true that this cosmetic smells wonderfully and also looks amazingly yet these features are not enough to remove unwanted hair from body.

6. Wax crayon lipstick. Probably this kind of invention looks good on lips, but definitely, it does not taste like all the fruit lipsticks, lip-glosses, lip-balms and flavoured Vaseline. Moreover, wax crayons may contain substances that cause irritations. Cannot you afford to buy a decent lipstick? Seriously?

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