Bell bean is many people’s favourite summer snack. However, this vegetable’s application is wider than most of us are aware of. Rich in nourishing substances beans work for the beauty’s sake. What are bell bean features? How to use it?

It contains a lot of proteins and is a rich source of folic acid (therefore, it is recommended for pregnant women). Moreover, bell bean is a treasure trove of nutrients. We can find there calcium, potassium, phosphor, magnesium and fibre. Moreover, this vegetable contains essential vitamins. This gives us numerous possibilities.

How to make a good use of bell been in skin care?

1. Bell bean as an anti-age cream

Since bell bean is exceptionally rich in vitamins, it can stimulate our body cell metabolism. The effect of this are accelerated cell renewal processes and lipid condition improvement which translate into delivering pure anti-age action. As it is now plain to see, bell bean carries anti-wrinkle features so they can be applied to anti-age creams.

2. Bell bean as a rejuvenating face mask

Among the precious substances bell bean contains, it’s also worth mentioning vitamin C that delivers strong anti-oxygenating action. Thanks to this substance, bell bean face mask enables to cleanse face skin and smooth it to add the youthful radiance most women look for.

3. Bell bean as an anti-swelling compress

Bell bean contains a lot of potassium which in easy way helps removing the excess of water from the organism. Thanks to this, bell bean serves well as an element of cool compress because it counteracts swellings and reduces the ones which have already developed.

4. Bell bean as anti-dandruff hair wash

The most common reason of dandruff development is scalp inflammation or uncontrolled seborrhoea. With the fight against white dead epidermis cells flaking off our head are the incredibly helpful substances that are rich in biotin; including bell bean, of course. Hair wash made of bell bean, soy shoots and fresh water is a perfect solution to deal with dandruff. Additionally, this mixture is believed to stimulate hair growth.

5. Bell bean as a product coping with skin imperfections

What is needed to fight skin imperfections? First and foremost, it’s zinc the shortage of which leads to dehydration, acne, and eczema. Bell bean, due to the huge concentration of zinc, acts like a strong detox. It helps skin to regenerate, counteracts skin getting flabby and evens skin tone.

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