Perfect eye makeup is like a cherry on the top to our look. Even the most careful makeup without the finishing touch of mascara will not look as impressive. How to boost natural beauty of your lashes? You only need to devote them a bit of your time.

Applying mascara in a way to make lashes look emphasized but natural at the same time is rather a challenge. You will need a good-quality mascara, proper manual skills and a bit of patience. It can be done in a few minutes (it is a big exaggeration to say that putting on mascara takes an hour), however, it is worth knowing a few easy tricks.

For starter: eyelash serum – healthy lashes are more beautiful

Eyelash care is very important not only because it is the way we regenerate lashes and prevent their loss. A good serum reduces the fragility of delicate hairs and strengthens them as well as makes them more elastic, darker, shiny and longer. What eyelash serum is the best? The one with a concentrated composition enriched with natural extracts. It is best if it comes with a thin brush to reach the eyelash roots. Thanks to a good treatment:

  • nourished eyelashes are easier to coat with mascara,
  • for longer and thicker eyelashes you need less mascara,
  • reinforced eyelashes are more resistant to damage.

A lesson on makeup for beginners

Strengthened and perfectly nourished eyelashes are much easier to emphasize with make-up. The effects, of course, depend on the product used, but makeup techniques are equally important. These few tips will make the everyday mascara application easier and improve the effects.

  1. Do not use expired mascara! In general, the mascara retains its properties for 3 months and after this time it should be replaced with a new one. Old mascara not only ticks eyelashes together and cake up, but also can irritate delicate skin.
  2. It is worth choosing professional mascaras with beautifying ingredients! The quality of mascara is very important because the creamy formula and black pigments emphasize the eyelashes much more naturally. Additional nutrients intensify the effect of healthy and strong eyelashes.
  3. Before putting on mascara use a primer! A good mascara primer is a must-have, as it not only strengthens the effects but also protects the delicate eyelashes from damage. Instead of covering the lashes with a base, you can sprinkle them gently with mineral powder.

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