We all love the Christmas spirit full of love and happiness and we like to show it everywhere. Once the Christmas time arrives, there is nothing that could take away the joy of creating an easy but effective X-mass design on our nails. This is the time of the year when nude nails simply won’t suffice.

We can go for crazy reindeers, Santa Clauses, Christmass ball etc. Those are the most popular nail decorations for the Holiday season. However, sometimes it might not look as good as we wish to. What is more, is the manicure is done not by a professional nail stylist, it can visually widen or shorten the nail plate and in consequence, it will not look as effective.

Therefore, it is better to get a more classic yet stylish manicure. Our proposition for your Christmas nail design is a pattern resembling a thick, knitted, woollen sweater. If you do not wear such sweaters, this will be a great accent.  How to do it?

Holiday Manicure Step By Step

  1. Apply a layer of a nail conditioner evenly to the entire nail plate. This way you will strengthen it. Next, seal it with a base that will prevent staining the nail and will make removing the colour easier.
  2. Apply a thin layer of base colour. Probably the best colour for all Christmas designs will be white.
  3. Stick special stripes to create horizontal lines on your nails. The nail end can stay white. Above it, paint navy blue and red stripes alternately. Make them thicker and thinner. The stripes are to resemble the patterns of sweaters (like on the picture attached). After they are completely dry, take off the stripes.
  4. Use a very thin brush and draw any patterns along the previously-created lines. Those can be dots, hearts, or stars. Make sure they are symmetrical. Use navy blue on top of the red colour, and white on the blue.
  5. On the wider stripe, you can make another pattern or a snowflake. If you can’t draw it yourself, you can use the special stamps.
  6. You can create the design on every single nail or decorate just the ring fingers. Make sure to use a top coat once you are done with painting.

A method for the lazy:

If you do not have the time of proper manual skills to make a sweater-like design, you can go ahead and buy ready-made stickers. Simply transfer them onto the nail plates evenly and secure with a layer of hardening top coat. All set!

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