Clean skin equals fresh and healthy skin. What is advised to be done for face skin in order to enable it to breathe freely and release it from the layer of colour cosmetics? You can, for example, try to use Face & Eye Make-Up Removing Lotion by Dr Irena Eris from Cleanology collection.

Face & Eye Make-Up Removing Lotion is recommended for all skin types, for women at all ages. It can be applied day and night, on cleansed face, neck, and around eye skin area. What is more, the product contains hydrating, nourishing, and smoothing features. This make-up removing lotion has cream-like consistency and works in an extremely delicate way. When it comes to the composition, it contains golden algae oil, olive wax, and Shea butter. Obviously, algae have rejuvenating and toning features. They help skin with restoring firmness as well as young and healthy look. What is more, algae are full of vitamins and mineral compounds. What is more, oils supply skin with moisturization, smoothness, and highlighting. Shea butter, in turn, is good at oiling skin.

How to perform make-up removal with Face & Eye Make-Up Removing Lotion by Dr Irena Eris?

Make-up removal is fairly important part of evening routine. It is worth being aware of the fact that, cleansing face skin from make-up, sebum, and other imperfections that have accumulated during day limits development of irritations to the minimum. What is more, it helps with maintaining the right level of pH as well as gifts skin with pretty and healthy look. During the procedure of make-up removal, all skin pores become unclogged and the complexion starts breathing.

How to remove make-up in the right way?

Reach for a cotton pad and distribute a small amount of Face & Eye Make-Up Removing Lotion from Cleanology collection onto it. Press the cotton pad to your eyelids, yet do it delicately. Repeat this procedure until all make-up residues relocate from face onto the cotton pad. When it comes to face, suffice to rub the skin with the cotton pad damped with the Dr Irena Eris product. Start from the middle part of the face, cleanse forehead, nose, cheeks, and chin. Mind you, it is not advised to rub the skin to fiercely since it may result in face skin getting irritated.

A single bottle with a pump contains 200 ml of the cosmetic from Cleanology collection.

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