A palette, containing five eye shadows, from IsaDora looks quite interesting and inviting. Is it worth buying? And is it possible to perform the professional make-up with this palette?

IsaDora presents three eye shadow palettes. These are: Highlands, Creamy Nudes and Matte Chocolates. The first one is composed out of three matte eye shadows and two iridescent ones. When it comes to the colours, Highlands contains two green shadows, one ecru as well as dark brown and a black shadow. Only matte colours are the components of the second palette, and these include purple shadows, grey and a beige one. The last palette is composed of brown and beige shadows.

How does IsaDora palette look like?

Basically, the eye shadows ale placed in a little, black, plastic box in a rectangular shape. Through the small glass, located in the lid, we can peep at the content of the box. Inside, there are a mirror and an applicator. The applicator itself has two endings, one is a typical make-up sponge and the second one is made of natural bristles.

Eye make-up with IsaDora eye shadows

Needless to say, with IsaDora eye shadows you can perform both day and evening make-up. For example, we can use all five shadows or pick just three, the most suitable ones in terms of the colour scheme. How to paint eyelids with IsaDora product? It is fairly easy. Let us reach for Matte Chocolates palette and add a golden eye shadow or similar pigment and a dark brown eye-liner. Obviously, do not forget about the mascara.

Start the make-up performance with the application of a highlighting concealer and put it on the upper and lower eyelid. After that, with the darkest eye shadow provided in the palette, paint the outer corner of the eye, crease of the eyelid and the eyelash line of the lower eyelid. Then, take the middle shadow, the one placed in the centre of the palette, and blend it with the previously-applied eye shadow. Now, it is time to paint the upper eyelid. Cover it with the bright beige shadow. With the golden pigment or an eye shadow, paint both the lower and upper eyelid. Reach for the eye-liner and paint a line on the both eyelids. The last step of your make-up, mascara your eyelashes. Finally, your IsaDora eye make-up is ready.

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