One of the three golden rules concerning proper skin care says: replace cotton pads with gauze pads. Why is this rule so often repeated by the specialists?

What really counts isn’t only about the make-up removal or toning cosmetic we apply. Equally important is the item we use to put the preparation to the skin with. Mismatching accessories can cause irritations, allergic reactions and redness. And these adverse reactions are especially easy to happen if the items are coloured, fragranced and have uneven surface.

Under this circumstance, what should be used to remove make-up? For example, classic cotton pads can be replaced with gauze pads. They performance is better because of a few reasons discussed below.

Soft & Delicate

In most cases, gauze pads are made of delicate cotton threads. They have various density, yet to take care of your face skin it’s better to use the most popular ones, 17-thread pads of dense intertexture. Owning to the material and their primal destination, gauze pads are very gentle and delicate to the skin.

Effective in Cleansing

The greatest advantage of gauze pads is the fact that they are very absorptive. Their thready surface is designed in such a way to get the most of the surface it is in contact with. Therefore, gauze pads absorb cosmetic preparations as well as any possible impurities from skin, and it is proven to be more effective than using cotton pads.

Neutral for Skin

The most frequently, gauze pads are used to cleanse and dress a wound. Since they are used even during surgical procedures this means that they don’t feature any irritating substances, they are hypoallergic. Gauze pads are suitable for all skin types, yet especially for acne and irritated one.

Gently Exfoliating

It may happen that uneven surface of a cotton pad may irritate this delicate skin of ours, but gauze pad provides delicate mechanical scrub. It’s a product treating skin in a very delicate way, yet is able to exfoliate dead epidermis cells.

Very Durable

Cotton pads have the tendency to tear themselves apart, pill and separate the layers it is made of, especially during make-up removal. Of course, it depends on the pad’s type and the brand which produces this make-up accessory, however, gauze pads are definitely more durable. It’s easy to manoeuvre them as they provide convenience of use. They don’t leave naps on skin and are biodegradable.

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