Clip-in method is the most popular hair extending technique. Generally speaking, it consists in attaching hair streaks of either natural or artificial hair to the scalp, right at hair base or where it is recommended in order to obtain a particular hairstyle effect. Although, the streaks may be false, these look as if these were real since the colour and appearance resemble natural human hair. Even when touched, it is hard to tell the difference between natural hair and the extensions. What is more, the streaks are attached with the aid of special clips, and these in turn are attached to peculiar bands that are equipped with a kind of an insert which prevent extensions from detaching from hair. In most cases, the wider bands are attached on the back of the head, whereas, the narrower ones on sides of the head.

How does it look like in practice? The bands of 2 inches witch a single clip and bands of 4 inches with two clips are attached on sides of the head. The shorter one is placed higher than the wider one, which is attached straight above an ear. When it comes to back of the head, this is the pace for the longest streaks having form 6 inches with three clips up to 8 inches with four clips. These should be placed between the previously-mentioned streaks of hair attached on sides of the head. Remember, the clip-in streaks of hair are always attached underneath the hair, never on the top of it. How to perform the extension? Obviously, start with combing the hair precisely to remove all tangles. Then, isolate a part of upper streaks of hair from the hair line where you want to attach the extensions. After that, press the middle clip and attach it to the hair. Follow the procedure with the remaining streaks of hair. At the end, let the isolated hair loose to see if it covers the extensions.

What are the advantages of extending and attaching hair? First of all, the effect is visible just after five minutes. During the beautifying treatment, you do not have to tamper with hair structure, which is why, you do not spoil it, not deteriorate the condition and, in a result, you do not expose your hair to falling out. One set of extensions may be used for a period of one year. What is more, the attached extensions may be stylized at will. To demonstrate, a person with hair extension may straighten, curl, dye or trim hair.

How to take care of attached hair extensions? At bedtime and before each hair washing, it is advisable to remove the extensions. Comb these gently and use equal delicacy when washing the streaks of false hair with a light shampoo. Before straightening, do not forget to apply some of your favourite heat protectors, and set the hair straightener no higher than to 160°C. Furthermore, try not to use a dryer, instead, place the extensions on a towel and let these dry out on their own. Additionally, after each hair washing, apply a moisturizing hair mask. Finally, just as the reminder, the hair extensions have to be combed extremely gently in order to avoid tangling of these.

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