We want to know all the beauty secrets of Hollywood celebrities because these people seem to be perfect, forever young and just beautiful. One of such secrets are Vitamin Drips. What are these and are they safe?

Vitamin Drip? Indeed, it sounds intriguing and novelly despite being known for more than 50 years. The forerunner of supplying vitamins to an organism in this particular way was John Myers, a doctor responsible for developing a set of vitamins and minerals for the chronically fatigued and stress-prone people. This mixture is called Myers’ Cocktail and almost overnight it became adopted to other purposes like, for example, creating Intravenous Nutrient Therapy.

Clinics with Vitamin Drips are eagerly visited by Hollywood celebrates, which show off their photos capturing them having Intravenous Nutrient Therapy given.

Vitamin bars are becoming more and more popular therefore they’re spreading from the United States to Japan and many other corners of the world. It’s a very good way to quickly supply an organism with nutrients we currently lack. However, is it a good body care treatment at all?

If you would like to take advantage of the Vitamin Drip’s powers and study the effects on yourself and learn their action, we have to begin with consulting a doctor first. Only a physician is able to select the right treatment for us on the basis of, for example, Complete Blood Test. Therefore, you shouldn’t consider this treatment as another safe solution. The excess of vitamin and microelements can harm us instead of helping. In the light of this, doctor’s analysis is essential before undergoing this kind of a treatment.

And this pose a kind of impediment. No wonder why Vitamin Drips aren’t considered as a regular beauty treatment but rather as a therapy. The truth is, we aren’t able to prepare our own Vitamin Drips at home as they can’t be offered by our local beautician. This kind of treatments are carried out only by the ell-qualified staff working in clinics or Vitamin Bars.

Vitamin Drip works immediately because vitamins and minerals get straight to the cardiovascular system. Hence, the effects are way easier to notice as they are more durable, especially when compared to pills.

Vitamin Drips are available in a few variations:

  • Beautifying Cocktail – evens skin tone and adds shine;
  • Personalised Cocktail – mixed accordingly to a doctor’s instructions;
  • Hair Cocktail – nourishing and strengthening to prevent baldness;
  • Detoxifying Cocktail – removes harmful toxins from an organism;
  • Energetic Cocktail – replenishes an organism with glucose and microelements (after a party, for example);
  • Anti-Inflammatory Cocktail – stimulates blood circulation combating inflammations;
  • Jetlag Cocktail – helps with balancing diurnal rhythm;
  • Vitamin C Cocktail – perfect for immune decrease periods.

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