Almost everybody knows why taking off makeup and making the skin perfectly clean are important. Still, surprisingly many of us aren’t fully aware of the negative consequences that arise when we go to bed with our face being fully covered with makeup. Are you sure what skincare products to use and how to cleanse your skin to stop complaining about persistent acne and other impurities? Let us walk you through all the methods of getting perfectly clean skin. Once you start following them religiously, your complexion will become flawless almost instantly.

Why going to bed with makeup isn’t a good idea?

When applied skillfully, color cosmetics improve our appearance – no doubts about it. Even though we look better with a foundation, the bacteria multiply underneath the layer of makeup and this leads to ruining skin’s resilience, smoothness and health. This is also how imperfections are triggered. Deprived of the oxygen, the skin becomes dull and loses its glow. On top of that, falling asleep with makeup on speeds up the ageing processes of the skin.

Makeup removal and deep skin cleansing tips

1. Micellar cleansing water

Micellar cleansing water remains a top makeup remover of all times. This skincare product owes its immense popularity to being easy to use. It depends on dampening a cotton pad with a micellar water and wiping the makeup off. The cotton pad collects color cosmetics and grime from the face surprisingly well, and therefore this product is considered by many as a do-it-all cosmetic combining the qualities of a remover, cleanser and tonic. Sadly, it doesn’t work this way. The tiny micelles remain on the skin’s surface unless rinsed with a gel or foam cleanser. Since the micelles reside on the skin, they keep fulfilling their task of attracting the dirt and toxins but – since the skin is clean – they absorb the impurities from the air. And this is how the skin’s protective lipid coat gets disturbed. Nevertheless, if you want to use micellar cleansing water – that’s totally fine! Undoubtedly, this is a mighty product that deals with makeup and grime pretty well, yet you must remember to remove it from the face after using. This gives you the guarantee of full makeup removal and perfectly cleansed skin.

2. Vegetable oils and OCM

Instead of micellar cleansing water, more and more people turn to the oil cleansing method. One of the biggest advantages of this method is that it ensures not only deep skin cleansing but also an advanced skin treatment. Why is that? Because the oil molecules handle two tasks: firstly, they remove all impurities from the face and secondly, they replenish the skin with nutrients (they brim with flavonoids, phytosterols and vitamins). Cleansing face with vegetable oils resembles using a micellar cleansing water, with just one difference. Instead of a cotton pad, you have to use a muslin cloth. It’s also recommended to give the face a short massage when it’s still covered with vegetable oils.

3. Washing the face either with a gel cleanser or foam cleanser

Naturally, this is the classic skin cleansing method. Even though gel cleansers are pretty common and used by almost everyone, foam cleanser is a relatively new skincare product that hasn’t won many enthusiasts yet. However, why do women are eager to swap gel for foam? There are a few reasons for that. Firstly, foam cleansers are incredibly lightweight and this quality facilitates deep skin cleansing. Secondly, this skincare product delivers nutrients. Thirdly, foam cleanser doesn’t irritate skin, neither does it contribute to skin dehydration.

4. Using a skin toner

Skin toner is the essential stage of skin cleansing. Can’t you imagine a day without this skincare product? That’s good because this means that your skin’s pH is well-balanced. Additionally, skin toner facilitates absorption of other nutrients by the skin. This product itself is often enriched with numerous substances promoting healthy and good-looking skin. Therefore, don’t think of a skin toner as some kind of archaic beauty product that belongs to the past epoch because there is no other cosmetic that would bring as many benefits to the skin a skin toner does.

5. Extra skin treatments

Only when perfectly clean and makeup-free, skin is ready for the remaining skincare products. This is the time for you to apply a moisturizing or skin repair face serum and follow with a matching face cream. It’s worth realizing that nighttime skincare gives better results than morning skin routine because at night skin carries out its self-repair processes. Also, during night skin is able to absorb more nutrients that you supply it with by treating it with creams and serums.

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