Hair is brushed, a face is creamed, lips are painted. And what is done with eyelashes? Learn the methods of eyelash care treatments and pick the best one.

Why should we take care of our eyelashes?

In spite of the fact, that eyelashes are small and unobtrusive, they play an important role in a human organism. They protect eyes from pollution and work as the receptors – they pass the information to eyes concerning approaching foreign objects, and as a consequence, make the eyelids close in a state of danger. The more eyelashes – also know as the receptors – the better. Obviously, eyes surrounded with long and beautiful eyelashes are the asset of a womanliness. Those women who have got short or bright eyelashes need using mascaras or eyelash curlers. In that way, they add a bit of charm to their appearance. Still, the most wanted feature is to make eyelashes look as natural as possible. What do women do to achieve the kind of appearance they craving for?

Certainly, there are various ways of eyelash care. Undoubtedly, the most beautiful eyelashes are those which are long, thick and healthy. So, what is the method of gaining the look women want? For example, they use castor oil. It is a drug, available at chemist’s or cosmetic shops, used mainly by those with stomach disorders. On the other hand, for some women this oil works better on eyelashes. Naturally, castor oil moisturizes and makes eyelashes shine. The women who were applying the cosmetic tend to say that the oil helped in lengthening and strengthening of eyelashes. Obviously, there are also females who got irritations and red eyes after the castor oil beauty treatment. They also noticed eyelash and eyebrow falling out (when the treatment concerned this kind of facial hair as well.)

Strong mascaraing is yet another method of beautifying eyes method. But, it is worth considering, whether covering eyelashes with the thick layers of mascara influences our appearance in a positive way. And what if it does not? The mascara washes over our face and eyelashes are stuck together with the black gobs on them. How does this kind of heavy make-up removal look like? Certainly, it must be extremely painful, and eyelashes are removed along with the mascara – as a result of fierce rubbing of the cotton pad against eyelashes. During this way of cleansing, the skin of eyelids can be irritated.

Eyelash curlers, either the traditional or the heated ones, curve mascaraed eyelashes. However, tightly squeezing of eyelashes can lead to their breaking and, what is more, produce unnatural angle of curving. Additionally, heated curlers eliminate water and keratin, which are necessary for eyelashes to enable them the appropriate growth. Any sort of the mechanical intervention can contribute to eyelash and eyelid weakening.

Lengthening and thickening of eyelashes is a very popular method of enhancing women’s look. For example, false eyelashes (made mostly from animal’s fur or synthetic fabrics) are attached to the natural ones with a help of a special adhesive. This beauty treatments are bracket together with the the time-consuming and quite expensive methods. During the eyelash extension process you can suffer from plenty of injures in a form of, for example, irritations. The inconvenience might be caused by the low quality products used while performing the treatment or by unsterile instruments. What is more, an unskilled beautician might be the casein here, as well. Often, the outcome does not look natural, eyelashes need to be renewed every month and, as the worst part of this treatment, is following the restrictive recommendations of the beautician (for example, avoiding of having hot baths, banning from make-up application and the lack of possibility of using a sauna or a swimming pool.)

Eyelash conditioners – how to take care of our eyelashes?

Still, there is yet another method which is highly recommended by women. This is a beauty treatment performed with an eyelash conditioner. Why is this method better than theΒ  mentioned previously ones? The eyelash conditioner, likely to castor oil, moisturizes and makes eyelashes shine. However, it does not cause any irritations either of eyes or eyelids. What is more, eyelash conditioners are not the source of eyelash falling out, in fact, they do the opposite work. For that reason, they strengthen and harden eyelash roots.

What is typical for eyelash conditioners, is the fact that during the regular application they make eyelashes darker even for more than one tone. Moreover, they are responsible for curving eyelashes. Some women resigned from using the mascara for the natural effects’ sake (black eyelashes). The interesting factor of eyelash conditioners, is the fact, that they do not have to be removed anywise. The cosmetic is absorbed right after the application just to start nourishing eyelashes as soon as possible.

Furthermore, eyelash conditioners are also more preferred than false eyelash extension treatment. Why? The application lasts less than a minute and the cost of the cosmetic is lower than the endless supplementary treatments. Despite that, the effect of long lashes is achieved in a shorter period of time, during the eyelash conditioner treatment we take care of our own eyelashes. We do not have to carry about the false ones. While using eyelash conditioner we can put on our favorite make-up and visit swimming pools.

Nanolash eyelash conditioner

Nanolash takes care of eyelashes of all colours, sizes and lengths. Obviously, it additionally, enhances the growth of new eyelashes, well as. Moreover, it lengthens, thickens and volumize those lashes which already are on our eyelids. Nanolash nourishes eyelash roots, regenerates and strengthens their stricture. What is more, it does not cause any irritations because it consists of only natural ingredients and plant-origin active substances. Furthermore, it is completely safe for eyes and skin around them.

Application should be performed every evening, on the clean and dried eyelid skin. A line should be painted right at the eyelash line both on the lower and upper eyelids. The first effects are achieved after two or three weeks. The final outcome is gained after two or three months since the first application. What is more, one bottle of the cosmetic comprises of 3 ml of the product and lasts approximately for six months of the regular usage. After gaining the desired results Nanolash conditioner is to be applied every few times per week.

10 Comments “How to take care of eyelashes – eyelash conditioners and Nanolash”

  1. Aggie

    For the past months I have been using a waterproof mascara and it had a negative impact on my lashes. They became dry, stiff and the worst thing is that they are falling out πŸ™ Everytime I remove the makeup I lose a number of lashes. I have already changed my mascara but now I am considering the purchase of an eyelash serum

  2. Dorothy99

    For me it worked great after I plucked out my lashes with the eyelash curler. They actually grew back very quickly. I am still using the serum becauses it makes my lashes longer but I do not apply it every single day, three times a week are enough

  3. em.em.

    My lashes started falling out after using a heated eyelash curler. I’ve been applying castor oil for a very long time and it finally helped. Now, I am wondering what the effects of the serum will be like

  4. Emilie

    I used up a whole bottle of the oil and my lashes still have the same length

  5. Martina

    It’s the second month of using this serum and the effect is amazing! After the first month my lashes were really long! Now I can see a lot new lashes growing πŸ™‚ a great prouct!

  6. Mil@

    In my opinion it’s great! but Im not sure whether I’l buy another one due to the price

  7. Martina

    I personally think that the serum is worth the price because it really works well

  8. SylviaD.

    I’d love to use it too but I am usually aergic to everything

    • Suzie

      I can recommend it even to those who wear contact lenses πŸ™‚

  9. Katy

    I have just ordered it and I cannot wait to see the effects


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