The owners of sensitive skin have no easy life: this particular skin type is sensitive with the tendency to irritations. Sensitive skin can be extremely delicate, thin and not very resistant to climatic conditions. Skin of Low elasticity, lacking a suitable hydro-lipid layer, quickly becomes red, often accompanied by pimples, itching and burning. How to take care of sensitive complexion?

Decent care and the selection of appropriate cosmetics are the key to success in terms of sensitive skin care. It is worth learning what harms the skin and what should be avoided during the treatment. This way, it will be easier to minimize danger and damage caused by irritations. What’s considered harmful to sensitive skin?

  • colourful cosmetics and exaggerated makeup,
  • beauty care cosmetics with a controversial composition,
  • sun radiance and no UV protection,
  • air conditioning,
  • smoking,
  • severe frost,
  • dry air from radiators,
  • poor diet (lack of vitamins and small amounts of mineral water),
  • alcohol,
  • hormonal changes, menstrual cycle,
  • hard water,
  • stress,
  • some medicines.

How to take care of sensitive skin? What to use for washing?

Micellar water – the one that is detergent free, hypoallergenic and enriched in lipids – is the safest means to cleanse and remove makeup for sensitive skin. Another good solution is the purchase of specialized cleansing (physiological) emulsions. If you like to cleanse the face and not just wipe it with a makeup remover liquid – you can reach for syndents – the so-called “soaps without soap” – they are available in the form of a bar or liquid and have a physiological pH. They often contain natural oils that wash off the greasy makeup, at the same time conditioning and protecting the skin. These products are extremely mild and free from alcohols, parabens, silicones and SLS substances.

How to take care of sensitive skin- choosing the right cream

Choosing a cream for sensitive skin is a very important matter. Such a product has an important task to fulfil: it should bring relief. The cream for sensitive skin should imitate the lipids present in our skin. Therefore, this cream should contain ceramides, good fatty acids and cholesterol. The composition of the cream for sensitive skin should also be as short as possible – the fewer ingredients, the less potential allergens.

What’s more, a cream for sensitive skin should protect it (shielding it with a microscopic, lipid coating). Thanks to this feature, the epidermis will be secured against water evaporation from the interior, and against adverse effects of external factors. The main mistake in the care of sensitive skin is limiting yourself only to a moisturizing cream – its effect is limited to retaining water in the epidermis, but it does not create a sufficiently protective layer on the skin. Also, do not forget that a good cream for sensitive skin should contain protective UVA and UVB filters. However, the night cream may abound in ingredients that support the regeneration of the epidermis, such as fruit acids or retinoids.

How to take care of sensitive skin – remedies for irritated skin 

What to do when the skin has already been irritated and it burns and itches, and the face is covered with redness and irritations?

A good solution will be to use specialized wrappings, for example with saline or boric acid. Natural oils are also very helpful in this regard (for instance, the delicate but effective sweet almond oil).

The treatment should be done by wiping the skin with a cotton pad soaked in the chosen preparation. They often act slightly astringent to the epidermis, which is why the next step is to moisturise the sensitive skin with a special soothing cream. For particularly irritated skin, panthenol or soothing gel for burns will also work well.

How to take care of sensitive skin – a scrub for delicate skin

Many people think that sensitive skin should not have any contact with exfoliating cosmetics. Nothing could be more wrong. An exfoliating scrub will cleanse the skin and contribute to its renewal – this is a simple way to regenerate sensitive skin faster. It is worth using a special enzyme peeling once a week – it will cleanse the skin without irritating it. Traditional, abrasive scrubs are unfortunately not suitable for sensitive skin care.

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