It is widely-known that teeth can be whitened either at a dentist’s or at home due to bicarbonate. But did you hear about making teeth whither due to a lipstick? If not then keep reading the article to learn about this technique.

Why teeth are not white?

There are plenty of reasons why teeth keep becoming yellowish. For example, acids that are included in food keep destroying enamel of teeth. Coffee, tea, cigarette smoking also make the hard white outer layer of teeth yellowish. The other factors that deprive our teeth of white colour are diseases, genes, and medication taking.

How to make teeth white again?

Lipstick teeth bleaching technique is nothing more than the optical illusion. The truth is, the colour of teeth stays exactly the same while the desired effect is obtained due to combination of contrasts (pale and dark) as well as tones (warm and cold). It is crucial to keep in mind one key rule if we want to make our teeth look white again due to use of a lipstick. Cool tones (with blue pigments) crate an impression of teeth being whither, whereas warm tones (orange pigments) work the other way round – they give teeth yellowish shade. Which shades bleach teeth optically? Pick lipsticks of cold reds, dark maroon, cherry, raspberry, and plum shades. The colors that will not definitely whiten teeth are coral, brick-red, crimson, salmon, peach, and pale beige. Obviously, a lipstick is not the only colour cosmetic that facilitates making teeth wither. You can obtain the same effect using a lip gloss. Certainly, shade picking technique is exactly the same as for a lipstick.

Unfortunately, selecting the right lipstick shade is not that easy as it may seem to be. Its colour has to correspond with skin tone, colour of the iris and hair as well as make-up (it has to match eye shadows and colour of a foundation). Yes, it is a demanding task, however, if you manage to accomplish it, the effect produced will definitely surprise you. Finally, you will have beautiful smile with white teeth. What is more, shade of a lipstick should also match colour of gum. If the lipstick teeth bleaching technique is still too demanding for you, ask for help a make-up artist or a beautician.

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