If you are looking for an effective, natural and cheap preparation that will take care of your eyelashes, skin and nails, reach for castor oil. Read today’s post and discover what healing and care properties this substance has.

Castor oil origins 

Castor oil is an oil of vegetable origin extruded from castor oil plant (Ricinus communis). It is a plant that occurs in nature only in India and Africa.

Castor oil in eyelash care

If you’re having problems with weak lashes, their condition can be improved through the systematical application of castor oil. It is best to use an old, clean mascara wand for this purpose. Remember not to overdo with the amount, because if the substance gets into your eyes and cause their congestion or tearing.
After this treatment, the eyelashes become longer, thicker and darker.

Castor oil and the skin 

Castor oil helps combat skin problems such as sunburn, warts, fungal infections, yeast infections and acne. Simply immerse the cotton pad in castor oil and apply directly to the problematic parts of the skin. The preparation should be left for one hour and then rinsed thoroughly.

Other effects of castor oil on the skin:

  • it cures lichen  – a skin problem manifested by the occurrence of red rash,
  • it smoothes out wrinkles and mimic lines thanks to its softening properties,
  • it reduces scars by penetrating their tissue and pushing them out, which leads to the growth of healthy skin,
  • it removes stretch marks,
  • it disinfects open wounds thanks to its antibacterial properties,
  • it relieves pain and itching,
  • when massaged into the scalp, it increases hair growth.

Castor oil vs nails

Castor oil significantly improves the nail condition. If your nails are brittle and split and the nail plate has discolourations, do not hesitate, go for castor oil.

There are many methods of applying castor oil on nail plates. We can heat the oil in a pot, dip your hands in it and wait a few minutes. Finally, wash your hands with a mild soap. The second method is as follows: pour the oil onto a cotton pad, then rub it in the nails and wait for several minutes. Next, massage it and do not wash out.

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