La Prairie cosmetic brand has designed a set of beautifully scented cosmetics. The set composes of a body lotion (200 ml) and fragrances (two capacities: 7,5 ml and 50 ml.) All the cosmetics are closed in a black packages decorated with sparkling particles of golden and silver colours. The bottle of the body lotion is of slender shape and the phials of fragrances resembles raindrops. Now it is obvious, what is the origin of the set’s name – Midnight Rain.

The body lotion from La Prairie is designed for caring all skin types. Nevertheless, allergy sufferers and people with sensitive skin might be irritated due to the fragrances added into the body lotion composition. Basically, the cosmetic’s aims are to moisturize, smooth and make the skin soft. What is more, Midnight Rain body lotion is easy to apply and fast to get absorbed by the skin. Furthermore, the cosmetic is of delicate and pleasant consistency and its colour is white. Additionally, when the cosmetic reaches the deepest layers of the skin, it reminds of itself with the scent left on the skin. While talking about the scent, the cosmetic is composed out of three flower notes. Top notes are represented by guava, mandarin, pomegranate and freesia blossom. Middle notes are provided by white lily, vanilla, plum blossom and hyssop. The last set of notes belongs to so-called base notes that have its representatives among patchouli, cashmere wood, musk and vetiver.

Not surprisingly, Midnight Rain fragrances from La Prairie has similar scent to the body lotion. Although the scent notes are the same, these produce way stronger aroma. In order to wear the fragrances for long, it is crucial to know which places of our body should be covered with it. General rule, the sillage is long-lasting when the fragrance is applied on a place where our body generates warmth at most. So, it is advised to spray wrists, behind ears area, flexion of hands and legs, between breast area and base of neck (between cleavage.) It is also advised to distribute the fragrance all over hair since it is able to carry any scent the longest. In fact, no matter if the scent is a pleasant one given by perfumes or the odour generated by cigarettes.

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