How to be a style icon? Start with grand lashes! Impress wherever you are and dare to get both natural-looking subtle makeup and voluminous up-to-the-sky mind-boggling lashes. Let your lashes taste the power of nutrients which have an incredibly strengthening effect. Reach for Lashcode – mascara which knows it all about breathtaking lashes.

Audrey Hepburn couldn’t be wrong saying that ‘the beauty of a woman must be seen from in her eyes, because that is the doorway to her heart, the place where love resides’. We all know it and that’s why mascara is the key must-have makeup product. When it comes to mascara, we don’t like compromises. A good mascara makes you look stylish and classy whereas a poor-working product clumps lashes making you look disastrous. How to find a good mascara? No need for searching – we did it for you.

3 things that will make you believe Lashcode is the best mascara

  1. An ergonomic brush and flawless makeup
  2. The power of ingredients which nourish and repair eyelashes
  3. Excellent reviews and victories in professional rankings

One mascara, lots of images, flawless beauty

Lashcode mascara is equal to magnificent lashes in many dimensions. It is a multi-purpose mascara which neither clumps lashes nor overloads them with the product. Instead, it builds multi-stage volume and enables to get several looks – ranging from the soft yet remarkable day makeup with multiplied lashes to the wild, bold and still flawless effect of defined, extremely black and thick lashes.

Even after a few coatings, the mascara doesn’t flake off, smudge or get on eyelids. Lashcode formula has been carefully designed so it leaves lashes elastic, flexible and bouncy – feel free to add next coats while touching up your makeup.

Lashcode - most popular mascara

Lashcode – alluring lashes mean healthy lashes

A mascara working like a serum and featuring a set of lash-regenerating, strengthening and growth-stimulating ingredients – it must have caused a sensation. Lashcode ensures something more than the impeccable sateen-like consistency and ultra black pigments – it offers high-quality lash-enhancing substances. It is the first mascara to contain so many valuable nutrients. Extracts from wheat and soy germs, baicalein and arginine, vitamin E and panthenol make up a beautifying team – they all make a perfect match. None of Lashcode ingredients has been included by accident. The ingredients make a nourishing cocktail which upgrades the looks, repairs lashes, protects, strengthens and even stimulates their growth.

Lashcode – the Hollywood makeup effect every time

The effect of non-stop alluring, healthy, voluminous lashes is owed to the splendid applicator, too. Lashcode brush is a hit among girls who had a chance to use it. The brush goes along with all eye shapes; it does not leave a single (even the shortest) lash out.

The brush has ideal measurements – it doesn’t get on eyelids; makeup is always foolproof. Narrowed ends on both sides allow you to freely move in the entire eyelid area and effortlessly grasp every eyelash. Consequently, you get the effect of multiplied lashes and ideal separation – even after a few layers.

Lashcode – good mascara having the best reviews

Positive opinions about Lashcode mascara made it more popular than many other iconic mascaras. It is incessantly recommended by women: it is an unquestioned star of lash makeup, the winner of many rankings and a cosmetic that surprises professionals with its exceptionality. You are going to get the celebrity look, iconically gorgeous and (what’s most important) long and healthy lashes.

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