In general, nobody has to be reminded about the importance of make up removal. With this in mind, we can aid ourselves with products enhancing the performance and speed of the above-mentioned essential and daily procedure. And those cosmetics are, for instance, Bandi, Silky Make-up Remover Oil and Soft Cleansing Foam.

This make-up removing set is destined for women having over 35 years old. Evidently, the set is composed out of two cosmetics. Why in particular are two products necessary for skin cleansing treatment? First and foremost, it this special case the proverb: the more the better has its using. Naturally, make-up removal is an extremely essential issue concerning skin care. Washing away a make up foundation, eye shadows and other cosmetics, we disinfect our dermis, eliminate from its surface all impurities which have gathered during a day and unblock skin pores to enable skin to breath better. Sometimes, women leave make-up layer covering their face skin for several days or perform make-up removal in an inappropriate way (for example, leaving make-up residues). This negligence can easily lead to irritations, blackheads and acne formation. Here comes Bandi set for rescue since Silky Make-up Remover Oil cleanses sebum out of the skin and all substances of oil properties. Soft Cleansing Foam, in turn, purifies dermis thoroughly, refreshes and makes it prepare for other cosmetic activities.

How do cosmetics from Bandi set work? Both, the oil and foam cleans face skin from make-up residues, moisturize and regenerate this delicate organ of ours. Furthermore, these are destined for each skin type. When it comes to the application, it does not differ from similar products application. To demonstrate, with round movements Silky Make-up Remover Oil, and then Soft Cleansing Foam have to be spread over face, neck and cleavage skin. After this typical procedure, rinsing with warm water should follow.

What is the composition of Bandi cosmetics? The active substances included into the set are lactic acid, betaine, argan oil, rice oil, olive oil, squalane, troxerutin and E vitamin. Firstly enumerated ingredient, lactic acid, has got moisturizing and exfoliating properties. What is more, it boosts collagen production. The second component, betaine, is responsible for gentle skin purification. Argan oil, in turn, works anti-wrinkling, relieving and regenerating. Argan oil nourishes and provides skin with elasticity. Another oil originated from olives, smooths, moisturizes and eases irritated complexion. Moreover, protecting features are characteristic for squalane since it safeguards skin from the solar radiation and free radicals. For the blood circulation boost and accurate blood supply is responsible troxerutin. The last component, E vitamin improves epidermis taut, works moisturizing and rejuvenating.

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