All signs on heaven and Earth indicate that, in this summer, nude make up style is going to rule not only over catwalks but also city streets. Now, think for a while, do you know, how to apply this make up on your face? IsaDora cosmetics of bright shadows are always welcome in such situations.

Nude make up style, what is this?

Nude Look equals natural make up. Generally, it is delicate and works best with each possible face shape, age and skin type. How to do this kind of trendy and always suitable make up? Let us start from the beginning – a make up foundation. Obviously, its shade must match with your complexion colour. What is more, the make up foundation cannot create on your face smudges, layers or spots, not to mention mask-like effect. Basically, Nude Look is to emphasize the beauty and make us look fresh and radiant. Which colours in particular are dominant in natural make up style? The most popular are those, similar to complexion, pastel shades and obviously also the nude ones. Having this in mind, the most appropriate colours are caramel, peach, light pink, beige and ecru.

Nude Look make up with IsaDora products

IsaDora provides the wide range of cosmetics, due to which we are able to perform nude make up. Among others, you can use Twist – Up Matt Lips, and as the name speaks for itself, a matte lipstick. It gives our lips matte make up finishing and long-lasting colour. What is more, this lipstick moisturizes and protects our lips from drying out and becoming chapped. Furthermore, it contains protective ingredients and was tested clinically. Just one layer of Twist – Up Matt Lips is enough to cover the lips evenly. The last advantage of this product is its package. All you have to do is twist it to make the lipstick ready to paint.

The second cosmetic which enables us to perform nude make up is palette of six eyeshadows. This is a small, rectangular box with a mirror inside (unfortunately, the producer has not attached an applicator.) The eye-shadow palette contains mainly beige and brown colours in pearl and matte versions. Thanks to these, we can perform either day or evening make up. What is more, IsaDora eyeshadows provide long and lasting effect without wearing off or creating lumps on our eyelids. Certainly, these eyeshadows can be mixed together or applied as a single shade.

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