Dry and damaged hair cause a thorny problem for many women. In most cases, split ends are the result of the deteriorated condition of hair. Does this issue concern you as well? For this state of hair are responsible, among others, dyeing, lighting up as well as discolouration, especially when all these treatments are conducted using improper cosmetics. Another factors that harm our hair are hot air produced by a blow-dryer, use of hair straighteners, lack of vitamins and nourishing substances as well as dehydration, keratin loss, use of inadequate scissors and applying wrong techniques of trimming, and even rubbing hair against clothes.

What should be done to prevent ends from splitting? First of all, change your diet! If your hair is weak and damaged, than probably, it lacks of vitamins, as well as mineral and nourishing substances. For that reason, it is suggested to introduce to the diet food products like fish, seafood (that contains high concentration of zinc), almonds, eggs (these products are commonly used for face creams and face masks production), raw vegetables and fruit and sunflower seeds. Basically, you should also drink at least two litres of water per day.

You can improve your hair condition and deal with split ends also from the outside. Suffice to select the right cosmetics of nourishing and moisturizing properties. The most popular oils are argan and castor oil, that have to be rubbed into hair ends. Another good idea is use of conditioners. These products, in turn, can be applied a little bit higher, starting from the half length downwards. What is more, hair masks and herbal hair washes may also smooth and regenerate hair.

Do not forget about daily hair care. When you finish washing the hair, wait a while before you dry it and comb. It is also a good idea to gather the excess of water using a paper towel first. Then, apply a moisturizing conditioner and separate hair using a comb of widely arranged teeth. In a case, your hair is weak and thin, you should not tie it back, do ponytail, bun nor pigtails.

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