Which one of you does not like 2 in 1 cosmetics? Using such products, we do not need extra space on our bathroom shelf or in our make-up bag, we do not have to buy plenty of accessories and what is the most important – we do not need to buy new cosmetics! And this is how our money is saved. One of such wonderful two-in-one products is concealer-and-foundation Teint Visionnaire from Lancome.

Let us start with discussing a fairly intriguing package that Lancome cosmetic has. It comprises of two compartments, one for the concealer and the second for the foundation. The compartment storing the concealer is equipped with a small, round mirror and has got clip-on lid. What is more, the compartment of the concealer makes a lid of the foundation. This cosmetic, in turn, is ended with a pump dispenser that eases product’s dosage.

Furthermore, Teint Visionnaire from Lancome is available in twenty shades. Basically, everybody can find its own shade since the colour scheme provided starts with fair colours like porcelain, beige diaphane, ivore and ends with dark ones such as brown or chocolate. The concealer is always a shade or a half of a shade lighter than the foundation – accordingly to one of the basic make-up rules. Thanks to Teint Visionnaire from Lancome, we are able to perform complex make-up. Certainly, using the concealer, we can camouflage all skin imperfections like discolourations, wrinkles and dark circles under eyes. When it comes to the foundation, it helps us with evening skin tone. Another great advantage of the product, after four weeks of Teint Visionnaire skin discolourations become a little bit lightened up and wrinkles turn into being smoothed. After two months, face looks way better and prettier than from before Teint Visionnaire by Lancome regular application.

How to apply Teint Visionnaire? The concealer has to be put on the face with the use of a thin make-up brush. Naturally, you should camouflage all skin imperfections, and then, pat the product into complexion. Next, the whole face should be covered with the foundation. It is advisable to use a wide and cut at angle make-up brush, and stamp the face with the cosmetic. The final effect should not create mask-like effect while the complexion cannot be covered with concealer stains or visible discolorations. If some of these are noticeable, than apply another layer of the concealer and blend it with the foundation.

Worth mentioning, Teint Visionnaire from Lancome does not consist of ecological ingredients, however, it includes trace amounts of iron oxide and titanium dioxides which are definitely natural substances. What is more, the cosmetic comprises of CG vitamin which is responsible for tightening walls of blood vessels and relieving irritations. Additionally, the product provides solar protection filters – SPF 20.

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