Hair differs in terms of colour, length, thickness and even porosity. Despite the differences, each hair type needs delicate and, at the same time, deep conditioning. Here are the most crucial and fundamental hair care rules.

Dozens of tested conditioners, natural hair oils and even professional treatments can’t deal with the problem? No hair care method will help if we don’t take care of strands in a compressive way. For that reason, it’s worth learning 10 basic rules concerning basic hair care. Introducing good habits into the daily hair care practice is the key to success.


  1. Balanced diet – beauty comes from the inside therefore it’s crucial to deliver the substances which hair may lack. The most important minerals are silica, zinc, magnesium and iron. Furthermore, B-group vitamins along with vitamin A, vitamin E as well as omega-3 and omega-9 fatty acids are extremely useful. Many of these substances are featured by yeast, and that’s the reason why drinking a yeast mixture is proven so popular for accelerating hair growth processes.
  2. Natural oils – hair loves being treated with oils since it’s a natural and effective way to regenerate, strengthen and providing protection to strands. Of course, you need to remember that each hair type requires using different oils and various methods of applying it. The essential information and tips concerning oil hair treatment are to be found on websites devoted to the very hair care procedure.
  3. UV filter – it isn’t only useful during the summer because hair is also exposed to the harmful action of ultraviolet radiation during the winter. It’s crucial to protect hair, not only the skin from the sun. In short, cosmetics featuring UV filter prevent strands from getting matte and dehydrated.
  4. Good conditioners – every hair-maniac knows that hair washing and oiling themselves aren’t enough to provide the strands with comprehensive care. Many precious nourishing substances can be delivered by using conditioners or hair masks. The most important assets of the products are the fact that they make hair smooth, add shine and prevent water loss.
  5. Cool air stream from a blow-dryer – high temperature doesn’t serve hair well, therefore it’s better to limit using a flat iron, a curling iron and other treatments that require using high temperature. What about blow-drying? If you don’t set the air stream hot, using a blow-dryer may be considered as beneficial because cool air stream helps style, smooth and even make hair straight.
  6. Trimming – split ends are hard to avoid even if you treat hair properly. To make the matter even worse, once split, it is impossible to scale the ends contrary to what most of hair cosmetic producers tend to say. Hence, even if you care for having long hair, it’s wise to visit a hairdresser once in a while to get hair ends trimmed. This will help your hair look healthy.
  7. Gentle shampoos – in order to make your hair clean, use natural shampoos that don’t contain strong cleansing agents, SLS or SLES. Try to follow this piece of advice especially when your hair is exceptionally delicate and thin, damage-prone. One of the best solution is using baby shampoos.
  8. Delicate combing – hair detangling is a way to remove many impurities, get hair smooth and even accelerate hair growth. When we comb our hair, we massage the scalp which encourages accelerated blood flow. As a consequence, hair is better nourished and stronger, however, you need to remember to use appropriate hair detangling tools. Moreover, hair shouldn’t be detangled while wet.
  9. Eco styling – if we can’t resign from having curls but our hair is naturally straight, you can go for non-invasive methods of hair curling. Eco hair styling is something our hair is going to adore. Instead of making the strands weaker due to using a hot curling iron, let’s use regular rollers or just braid the damp strands. Once you wake up in the morning, your hair will be naturally curly.
  10. Water – obviously, water is important to our entire body therefore even hair shouldn’t be deprived of it. You can deliver hydration in two ways: either by applying hair care products (a recommended substance that bonds water is hyaluronic acid) or thanks to consuming the right food products. Furthermore, it’s stated that drinking 8 glasses of fresh water per day should be enough for our organism to stay hydrated.

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