Colorful and well-maintained nails will be a thing this summer. You don’t need to be a professional beautician to have mani done. Read on to find a few useful tips for beautifying your nails. Must-check!

Healthy nails are the basis for manicure

Before applying enamel, you must prep your nails – remove the previous color, file the nails. Next, use a wooden pusher for the cuticles. Don’t cut them as you could irritate the skin. Besides, if you regularly cut them, they grow back stronger and thicker. If you want to get rid of them, remember to moisturise them. Use professional creams and drink a lot of water every day. Degrease the nail plate with polish remover.

How to do a long-wear mani?

Apply a primer; when it dries, use a chosen enamel. Fix the manicure with top coat. Remember to cure each coat under the UV lamp. Your mani will be resistant to rubbing off whereas the nail plate will be protected against chemical substances. Choose high-quality enamels that include nutrients.

How to strengthen nails?

Even trendy hues won’t look good if your nails aren’t healthy. That’s why you must remember about the rich amount of vitamins in form of healthy food and dietary supplements. Take biotin, vitamins A and E, zinc and magnesium. If you get round to housework, always wear gloves to protect the skin and nails from detergents. From time to time, treat your nails to a lemon juice and olive oil bath. Coconut oil brings as amazing effects – rub it in the nails and skin around nails.

What’s going to be trendy?

White, gray, rose, red, yellow and orange hues. Such shades go with the spring style or summer tan. Mixing two contrasting colors will still be in. different stickers and drawings will be trendy. Short squares or a bit longer almond nails will be the hottest shape.

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