Hair lamination is a treatment that is especially recommended for damaged hair. It can be used, for instance, after colour-treating and if you struggle with split ends. What is the lamination of hair in the hair salon and at home like? Let’s discuss it in detail.

What is hair lamination?

Lamination of hair consists in applying preparations that form a permanent coating on the hair surface. The treatment brings immediate results: the opened scales are sealed, and the hair looks healthier, stronger and is soft to the touch, shiny and smooth.

What is lamination of hair at a hair salon?

Depending on the length of hair, the process takes from 45 to 60 minutes. The treatment is intended for straight and curly hair, natural as well as dyed hair. Hair lamination involves the use of products containing water-insoluble fibrillar proteins. They are produced by keratinocytes, they penetrate the hair structure and fill it in. As a result, they rebuild the hair from the outside and close the hair scales. Metamorphosis will be most spectacular for damaged or curly hair, which becomes significantly smoother already after the first treatment. The effects lasts even for three months.

What is laminating your hair at home like?

You can also get your hair laminated using a homemade method. You will need a small amount of food gelatin, hair conditioner with the addition of oils or emollients, a bowl with warm water, a towel and a foil cap.

In order to laminate your own hair in the comfort of your own home, first of all, dissolve a tablespoon of gelatine with three tablespoons of hot water and mix thoroughly. When the mixture gains the consistency of a thin gel, add a tablespoon of hair conditioner and mix again. Then, spread the mixture evenly over dry hair – strand by strand, then put on the hair cap and additionally, wrap it with a towel. Although the hair will be stiff after a while, after 45 minutes and thorough rinsing, it will become smooth and soft.

The mixture can be rinsed with cold water, which will help to close the scales. Then, it is worth drying out with a blow-dryer, because gelatin likes high temperatures. At-home hair lamination can be performed maximum twice a week. The effects are visible until the next wash. You must give the gelatin hair mask a thorough rinse, because any remains on the hair will resemble dandruff. Homemade hair lamination has a few disadvantages you must take into considerration before proceding with the treatment: proteins contained in the gelatin can make the hair dull, dry and frizzy after too frequent procedures. In addition, hairdressers warn that home-made hair lamination carries the risk of damaging the hair.

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