Thanks to Rimmel, the famous British cosmetic brand, we are showered with Christmas gift ideas. One of the collections is a make-up set named ‘Xmas Rimmel’. Despite the package does not resemble a Christmas pack at all, it will make each fashion lover content, even the most fussy one. The set comprises of Wonder’Full mascara, Mono Magnif’Eyes eye shadows and Soft Khol Kajal eye pencil.

Wonder’Full Mascara

It is one of the cosmetics that is able to fulfils two tasks. Firstly, it simply beautifies and improves our look in a fairly significant way. For that reason, Wonder’Full mascara by Rimmel can be perceived as a complement of the prefect make-up. The black shade of the cosmetic is good at defining eyelashes by adding depth to the look. The bristle of the elastic applicator is able to separate eyelashes thoroughly and prevents these from clumping together. Secondly, this colour cosmetic nourishes and strengthens eyelashes as well. What is more, Wonder’Full mascara contains argan oil, which is responsible for nourishment and making eyelashes glossy.

Mono Magnif’Eyes Eye Shadows

One of the most popular eye shadows by Rimmel. These are durable, neither fleck nor cumulate in crease of the eyes. Moreover, these shadows stay true even after several hour of wearing. We can choose among a few shades available: Gold Record, Millionaire (beige), All About The Bass (pink), VIP Pass (chocolate bronze), Superstar Sparkle (écru), Poser (pink), Groupie (purple), Crowd Surf (fair blue), A-List (mint green), Q-Jump (lemon yellow), Black Fender and Show Off (grey).

Soft Khol Kajal Eye Pencil

This perfect Christmas set from Rimmel contains also Soft Khol Kajal eye pencil. The cosmetic has light consistency, due to which it is easy to apply and blend with other colourful cosmetics. Furthermore, the product is available in five shades Pure White, Stormy Grey, Jet Black, Denim Blue and Sable Brown. One of the greatest advantages of this eye pencil is its cap that protects the cosmetic from getting broken or damaged.

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