Every woman dreams of having a flawless complexion. Perfect, smooth, without imperfections, no enlarged pores and blackheads, or discolourations. You do not have to test out more and more new care products. It’s enough if, from now on, you will follow some simple and valuable advice that will allow your skin to regain health and look beautiful.

Healthy skin – care secrets

1. Goodbye impurities – facial cleanser is coming! 

The most common, primary mistake in skin care is inaccurate makeup removal. Women all over the world often do it very briefly, in a hurry and do not pay attention to the fact that many cosmetics, remnants of sebum and toxins are still accumulating on the surface making difficult for the skin to function properly. Facial cleansing should last as long as the cotton pad is completely clean – cosmetologists say that you can use up to 10 cotton pads during a thorough makeup removal. A perfect way of removing makeup is to use natural oils – their formula will deal with greasy cosmetics and excess sebum the quickest.

2. Let the skin regenerate – a good night’s sleep as … a cosmetic?

During sleep, our whole body regenerates itself – including skin. Night is the ideal time for cells to participate in many important processes that improve not only our well-being but also great looks. The less sleep the body receives, the more the night regeneration of the skin is disturbed. It is worth remembering that the first processes of the strongest renewal begin around 10 pm, so it is worth going be bed a bit earlier. After just a week, you’ll see a huge difference in the appearance of your complexion.

3. Rehydrate the skin – mineral water in cosmetics

Drinking mineral water equals the body’s general hydration from the inside. It is one of the best things you can do for your skin. Water provides the skin with energy, moisturizes, improves the appearance and elasticity of the skin, improves the condition of tissues and provides cells with valuable minerals and nutrients. Without the right amount of water, the skin begins to over-dry, flab and irritate. Its hydro-lipid barrier is weakened and ageing processes take place faster.

4. Zen for the skin – a wonderful face toner

The face toners have become very … unpopular cosmetics. Women tend to forget about it and it’s all because of the belief that micellar makeup remover supplies a sufficient dose of “toner” for the skin. It turns out, however, that with such a basic mistake (inaccurate makeup removal) the micelles have no chance t0o tone the skin. Therefore, after cleansing your face it is worth wiping it with a proper toner – this way the skin will get adequate acidity, that is, it will balance its pH, and the skin will calm down and regain its vitality. Always make sure that the face toner abounds in natural ingredients that nourish and do not interfere with the skin.

5. The rebuilding team – natural oils in skin care

Natural oils are a hit in hair and skin care. They are strongly regenerating, nourishing and rejuvenating substances that additionally protect the skin against the harmful effects of free radicals, UV rays, toxins and all kinds of contamination. The oils should be natural and cold-pressed – only then they are rich in vitamins, phytosterols, flavonoids, good omega fatty acids, and minerals and squalene (the latter regulates the level of sebum on the skin).

6. Face working out  – face yoga

Face yoga is a simple way to improve firmness, the elasticity of the complexion, which, in addition … costs nothing. All you need to do is treat your face muscles with a few-minute daily workout to keep the skin firm. This way, the cells become oxygenated and the wrinkles become smoother. Facial yoga is also uncomplicated – so after watching the videos on the Internet, you will have no problems with performing a set of skin-rejuvenating exercises.

8. Wonders from the Land of Ice – massage with frozen cubes of tea

Rejuvenation with ice? That’s a great idea known by our great-grandmothers. It turns out that massaging the face with ice cubes is still a very effective way to improve the appearance of the skin. Ice cubes can be “modernized” by freezing herbal infusions, which will additionally tone and nourish the complexion. Facial massage with ice cubes will reduce swelling, close the pores of the skin, regulate sebum, reduce the visibility of spider veins and discoloration, and eliminate dark under-eye shadows.

9. Exfoliating scrub – thorough skin cleansing

Makeup removal – even the exact and professional one is not enough to cleanse the complexion thoroughly. That’s why facial scrub must be an indispensable part of every skincare routine. It improves blood circulation, unclogs pores and makes the ingredients from creams and masks absorb better. The peel has detoxifying and nutritional properties. Thanks to it the skin becomes smooth, bright and full of vitality. A facial scrub is the perfect “prelude” for a face mask.

10. Mask – reinforcing daily care

A face mask is the perfect, intensive treatment that we can treat the skin to in the comfort of your own home. Masks act primarily on the outer layers of the skin, but they often have anti-wrinkle, regenerating qualities and balancing effects on sebum secretion. Regularly performed face masks are the perfect way to make our complexion look beautiful, flexible as well as healthy and radiant.

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