We moisturize these during the winter and paint during the summer. What in particular? Our lips. And with what? With a lipgloss, a lip balm or a lipstick. This time, Korres cosmetic brand produced Mandarin lip butter stick of universal working. The broad usage of the product is reflected in moisturization and lip colouring.

First thing to remember, lips are covered with very thin layer of skin. In that case, no wonder why they tend to dry out, become chapped and prickle so easily. Unfortunately, small wounds are also often formed because of the above-mentioned extreme delicateness of our lips. Having this in mind, we should moisturize our lips, especially during the winter. Luckily, we do not have to think over and over again which cosmetic to reach for in order to protect our lips since Korres designed wonderful Mandarin lip butter stick. Why should you reach for this lipstick especially? Simply because it is good at moisturization, smoothing, nourishing and protecting. Additionally, Mandarin lip butter stick is available in several shades such as Rose, Purple, Pink, Peach and two Colorless variants. The transparent lipsticks are produced in two versions, with and without sun protection. In other words, all lipsticks except one colourless, are equipped with SPF 15 sunscreen. When it comes to the capacity of the products, each of these has got 5 ml.

Basically, Mandarin lip butter stick from Korres comprises of several interesting ingredients. The most essential one is Shea butter, the aim of which is to moisturize and smooth lips’ surface. In Africa, this substance is widely-used as a component of soap protecting both body skin and hair from dehydration. Furthermore, Shea butter is so sheer that it can be used for newborns care freely. To make a long story short, precious Shea butter’s tasks are to protect from the solar radiation, impurities, wrinkles formation and to relieve irritations. Another fundamental ingredients of Korres Mandarin lip butter stick are sunflower and mandarne extracts. Mandarines energize and nourish lips as well as give pleasant and fresh flavour to the lipstick. This fruit element comes from Philippines and is fetched for Korres producers especially. In the colourless lipstick with SPF 15, we can find, among others, castor oil, lime extract and nourishing oils. Mandarin extract is placed into the lipstick without SPF sunscreen version.

How to use Mandarin lip butter stick from Korres? Generally speaking, there is nothing unusual in application of this product. The lipstick can be used whenever we would like to cover our lips with it. All you have to be aware of is the fact, it is forbidden to apply the cosmetic on children’s under six months of living lips. Naturally, while using Mandarin lip butter stick, you have to bare in mind, that the cosmetic is designed for the external usage only. In a case, the cosmetic gets into the eyes, all you have to do, is rinse the irritated place with warm water. If the irritations are not relieved, contact a general practitioner.

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