Beautifully defined eyelashes is the easiest way of taking years off oneself. If they are thick, long and dark, they create a kind of an eye-enhancing frame. There are various ways of strengthening and thickening lashes like, for example, using coconut oil.

Without them, make-up doesn’t look good and the eyes themselves are deprived of protection form dust. Eyelashes – because these are the main issue here – play a very important role. It’s worth taking care of them to make eyelashes strong, full of health and well-defined. One of the methods is, of course, is having false eyelash extensions applied or attaching clusters every time when we do make-up. However, it’s better to bring out the natural beauty of lashes instead of reaching for synthetic solutions. But how to do this?

Natural oils for eyelashes

One of the recommended solutions is applying natural oils to eyelash. Since our eyelashes are the tiny copies of the hair growing on our head, this means that eyelashes should click with natural oils as well. Moreover, eyelashes will make a good use of vitamins, minerals and EFA that the oils deliver.

Oils for eyelashes which are worth trying out:

• castor oil – the most popular oil which strengthens bulbs, prevents eyelash loss, accelerates their growth, adds shine and can slightly darken lashes;
• coconut oil – light vegetable oil which, after being warmed up and applied to lashes, prevents dehydration, nourishes, strengthens and creates natural protective layer.

Although both oils work effectively individually, their action will be intensified if combined together. Therefore, it’s advised to mix coconut oil with castor oil or look for a cosmetic designed for eyelash care that contains both oils in its composition.

Obtaining the looked-for effect depends on how we treat our eyelashes with oils. The most important is regularity, less important is the application itself. The truth is, we can already nourish our eyelashes while removing make-up with oils. If you want to, you can additionally coat the lashes with natural oils using clean mascara brush to distribute them evenly from the roots to the tips.

Eyelash serums

It’s worth realizing that if we look for incredibly enhanced effect, oils might fail us. The truth is, even the highest quality coconut oil applied to eyelashes won’t work as good as professional eyelash serum does. Hence, it’s worth considering getting one, if applying oils to eyelashes doesn’t produce desired outcomes.