Love the makeup world novelties? Here are the best makeup trends straight from TikTok! Let us know which one is your favourite!

Vinyl lips – vinyl lips are an expressive, bold makeup look. Lips with a perfect shape, intense shine and smooth finish are more of an artsy look, definitely not suited for everyday wear. A combination of a lip pencil and a liquid lipstick with gloss is the best for creating vinyl lips.

White blush – a cheek blush that is not pink? Yes, it’s a trend from TikTok. Instead of regular blush, apply a white shadow or a white concealer on top of your cheekbones. This will create an illusion of natural chiaroscuro. By adding a highlighter we can build the shine effect even more. Makeup fans like to experiment with a yellow or purple blush as well.

Facelift – a facelift effect with a concealer? It’s possible! This fantastic hack from Tik Tok really works and brings a visible result. It’s important to choose a light and liquid concealer which is 1 or 2 tones lighter than your foundation. With its use, you can do precise swipes upwards (you can use a makeup brush). Apply the concealer diagonally – from the corners of your mouth to the outer corners of your eyes, under your cheekbones and on the jawline. Blend with a beauty blender or a brush.

Perfect lip contour – how yo choose the best lipstick colour? According to makeup tiktokers, the perfect lip colour is a combination of eyebrow pencil and blush. The created shade is the one that should suit our skin and hair colour.

Reverse eyeliner – it’s a way to do a winged eyeliner but on the lower lash line or below it. The trend is a favourite of multiple TikTok makeup artists as it creates a dramatic look, lengthens eyes and lifts the face. It refers to the ‘foxy eyes’ trend inspired by Bella Hadid, a model, but in a bolder version.

Lipstick contouring – lipstick instead of a creamy blush is a great option for a ‘no makeup’ look. It’s the perfect way for summer light makeup that adds freshness and glow. Choose a pinkish-peachy lipstick (the exact shade should be selected for your skin colour) and apply it to your cheekbones, nose, chin, and mouth – it’s better to use your fingers. Pat it in gently so it blends with your foundation. Voila!

DIY lipgloss – multifunctional makeup is something that multiplies the possibilities of our makeup bag. One of the most interesting DIY options from TikTok is creating your own lip glosses with the use of eyeshadows. All you need to do is mix these two products and apply the combination to your lips.

Bleached brows – an unconventional way for high-fashion makeup straight from fashion shows. The ‘no brows’ trend takes over TikTok and Instagram as well as gains more and more fans. Very light eyebrows, looking as if they were bleached, can be done with a brow soap, concealer and a nude/white eyeshadow. The Kardashian sisters, Lady Gaga and Halsey have all tested this method.