Hair that falls out is a physiological norm if you don’t lose too many strands. In autumn, you lose much more hair. There are different kinds of hair loss, though. Luckily, hair-strengthening remedies are the same.

What causes hair loss? There are lots of reasons, therefore you can’t put them in just one category. Hair falls out excessively when you’re stressed, sick or you deal with some hormone changes. The last case is most common among women who are pregnant or go through menopause – it’s normal then. What are other causes of hair loss? Tight updos, lots of styling primers, coloring, bleaching, heat styling, scalp-irritating products.

The key thing: it’s time you eliminated all hair-loss causes. Treating hair gently and using more natural products should help. Must-do:

• enrich your diet with products that are rich in omega acids and zinc,

• get a haircut to get rid of split ends,

• cut down on blow-dryers, flat irons and curling wands,

• regularly moisturise your hair from the outside,

• care for the scalp, using scrubs and washing it gently.

Obviously, you can complement your everyday hair care with products that are dedicated to weak and thinning hair but it doesn’t work for everyone. You can’t control the ingredients of such products. Anti-hair loss home remedies make a much better choice, based on the properties of natural nutrients and repairing ingredients.

At-home anti-hair loss remedies

● Hair oil treatment. Surely, hair oils, which work from within and on the hair surface, are the best solution. Oils strengthen the hair bulbs, lock water in and stimulate hair growth. Nourished, regenerated and protected hair falls out in smaller quantities. Hot oil treatment is definitely the best method to deal with hair loss. Recommended oils include castor oil, rosemary oil, tea tree oil, pine oil.

● Scalp treatments. You can hinder hair loss only by working directly on the hair bulbs. Herbal scalp lotions are effective because they enrich the hair with valuable strengthening ingredients. The scalp massage additionally increases the blood flow. The best scalp treatments are based on linseed, nigella, burdock.

● Herbal mixtures for the final rinsing. Such DIY mixtures deliver similar effects yet they fail to penetrate the scalp as much as scalp lotions. That’s why the effects aren’t as intensive. You can use nettle or horsetail for making the mixture. Natural birch water works, too.