Hair dyeing is one of the most popular and the easiest hair styling techniques. Why? Because it enables obtaining interesting effects on hair, camouflages grey strands and can be done at home. However, it is worth considering whether each one of us knows for sure how to dye her hair the right way. And is there any difference between dyeing gray hair and dyeing natural hair for the first time?

Dyeing of natural hair.
Before you apply a new colour on your hair, define your beauty type: skin tone (warm or cool), colour of the iris and shade of your natural hair. If the skin tone is warm then the hair dye should be also warm, and the other way round, if your skin tone is rather cool then the dye applied should provide cool shade to your hair. Additionally, it is suggested to do not change extremely dark hair into fair one and the other way round. The best idea is to change the colour of your hair using a few tones brighter or darker dyes. If you use a chemical or herbal preparation for your first hair dyeing, you should use the same kind of product for the next dyeing as well.

Dyeing of grey hair.
Melanin – it is the natural substance that is responsible for hair colour. However, its level decreases with age. As a consequence, hair becomes grey, white and sometimes even beige. If you manage to pick the right hair dye, you can bring back your natural look. Generally speaking, do not use colouring shampoos since these produce only temporary effects. To put it differently, the colour will fade away after several times of hair washing. Coming back to hair dyes, the period of time devoted to leaving the dye in the hair should not be shorter than the one set in the leaflet. What is more, the easiest way to camouflage grey hair is to cover it with blond or brown shades. Avoid dyeing your hair ginger. You can also make use of anti-grey cosmetics, which are hair colour products that restore the natural colour of hair due to stimulation of melanin production.

Hair dying – useful information.
Mind you, do not leave the colouring product in the hair longer than it is suggested in the leaflet. If your hair has been treated with perm, then the period of time devoted to leaving the hair dye in the hair equals 10 minutes. Before putting on a new colour, heal all scalp and hair ailments in order to avoid developing irritations. Any disorders of scalp and face can be avoided by covering these areas with an oil cream.

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