It has been long known that only cosmetic collections are the best ones for face skin and hair care. Simply, such sets work multi-dimensional. The same can be said about Elseve and its line of products with plant oils designed especially for hair care.

New collection of L’Oreal Paris Elseve Magical Power of Essential Oils consists of the following items: a shampoo, a conditioner, a beautifying elixir, and a nourishing elixir. All the products are recommended for treating dry and unruly hair. How should these products be applied? Basically, cleanse you hair and scalp as often as you need to. However, do it wisely because everyday hair washing may result in making hair even more damaged then it is as sebum might become produced in greater amounts. Firstly, wash your hair with the shampoo. Do it two times. Rinse the foam precisely every single time. After that, apply a conditioner on a damp hair. If your strands are seriously damaged, then resign from blow-drying your hair and heat styling. At the end, apply one of the elixirs.

Due to hair care provided by Elseve, your strands will become nourished, strengthened, smooth, and shiny. What is more, it will stop falling out and breaking. Split ends will disappear as well. Frizzy hair will become easy to comb and no longer troublesome while setting it in a hairstyle you like.

All the products from Elseve by L’Oreal Paris contain a lot of plant oils. Despite the great amount of oils in the composition, hair is not greasy or loaded when treated with Magical Power of Essential Oils. These products simply moisturize and make hair glossy, gifting it with light and pleasant scent. What are the other ingredients included into composition of Elseve collection? For example, the cosmetics are composed of six various plant oils. These are linen oil, chamomile oil, sunflower oil, lotus flower oil, Tahitian Gardenia oil, and rose oil. The first oil is able to moisturize, makes hair glossy as it smooths hair accelerating their growth. Chamomile oil counteracts hair loss, strengthens, and nourishes hair. When it comes to sunflower oil, it is famous for making hair moisturized and glossy. Lotus flower oil is good at fighting against splitting ends and restoring elasticity to strands. Tahitian Gardenia oil takes care of hair ends while rose oil strengthens follicles.

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