Flower waters (aka herbal waters or hydrosols) are popular at-home skin-care essentials. They give amazing effects and have various uses. Using a hydrosol as a face toner is the most popular. What are the other ways to make use of the natural waters?

What are hydrosols?

Flower or herbal waters produced through the distillation of essential oils. The resulting water is rich in the plant substances and contains a small amount of the essential oil. Most hydrosols have a delicate aroma and amazing effectiveness. What’s more, they are suitable for any type of skin.

Why it’s good to use hydrosols?

  1. Beauty benefits – depending on a plant that the water is extracted from, it has a hydrating, refreshing, balancing, strengthening or soothing effect.
  2. Healing properties – floral waters enhance skin healing, alleviate inflammation, treat dandruff and aid the skin care.
  3. Hydrosols and human skin have similar pH.
  4. Herbal waters can be used on the skin without thinning them first.
  5. Multi-purposeness – you can use hydrosols on the face and body skin, on the hair and to make natural cosmetics.
  6. Naturalness – floral waters are safe, non-irritative and free from synthetic substances.
  7. Hydrosols work for any type of skin, ranging from the sensitive through normal to oily and acne skin.

Uses of floral water

  1. Face toner – a hydrosol is a perfect substitute for readymade face toners.
  2. Refreshing face mist – herbal waters are lightweight and ideal for restoring the skin’s freshness.
  3. Water base for DIY beauty products – floral waters are ideal for natural, homemade cosmetics.
  4. Natural makeup removal – a herbal water can gently remove makeup products, conditioning the skin in natural way.
  5. Primer for face-care oils – hydrosols make the oil spread easily over the face.
  6. Great hair enhancer – floral waters make great hair mists, scalp treatments and shine boosters.

Which floral water to choose?

You must pick the right floral water for your skin type and its needs. The choice is overwhelming because you can pick chamomile, orange, rosemary, lavender, sage, rose, jasmine waters or many other hydrosols. Most of them contain a small amount of natural preservatives.

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