9 Shades is not a title of a recent horror movie directed by James Wan but the name of new eye shadow palette from Gosh. How to use these and how do 9 Shades look like?

As mentioned before, Gosh Cosmetics brand has created three palettes called 9 Shades. The inspiration for the creation of such a shades collection were the colourful lights of the biggest cities located in the United States of America. Therefore, no wonder why the palettes were given the following names: ‘To enjoy in New York,’ ‘To have fun with in LA’ and ‘To play with in Vegas.’ What is more, Gosh eye shadows are placed in cases with the mirror inside. Unfortunately, despite the mirror we will not find any applicator attached. The truth is, each of the packages is rather big in size and too heavy to carry around it in a purse. On the other hand, Gosh eye shadows are easy to distribute on the eyelids and blend perfectly. Moreover, 9 Shades contain plenty of pigments, due to which, an expressive eye-make up is no longer hard task to be accomplished. Basically, the palettes comprise of both matte eye shadows and the ones with sparkling particles.

Which shades in particular are included into 9 Shades palettes? First of all, ‘To enjoy in New York’ palette comprises of three shades of bronze and purple shades as well as white, ecru and bright pink one. The second palette, ‘To have fun with in LA’ stands for three green shades, four blue shades and two purple shades. The third composition, ‘To play with in Vegas’ is characterized by three blue shades, a yellow shade, an orange shade, a red shade and three shades of pink.

Since the present season promotes vivid colours, let us reach for ‘To play with in Vegas’ palette. Assuming, you have prepared the face for make-up application, which means that you applied a make-up foundation, a powder and an eye shadow primer, you can open the above-mentioned 9 Shadow palette. This time, for the complete eye make-up, we are going to use only three shades: the yellow, orange and red one. Definitely, the eye make-up you are about to perform, is going to be completely different from what you got used to. In other words, it is going to be subtle and extremely easy to do. Mind you, the insensitivity of the colours is up to you, since you can grade these yourself. Ready? Steady? Go! Start with the red Gosh shadow, apply it on the outer corner of the eyes in such a way, to make it create a little spot attached to eyelash line. Next to it, with the same amount of cosmetic, put the yellow shadow. Straight above these, apply a small quantity of the orange shadow. Now, the most tricky part. Try to blend the colours evenly to make these create a kind of gradient. Finally, reach for your favourite mascara and cover your eyelashes with it. Now, you are ready to astonish other people with your look.

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