Not everybody is gifted by Mother Nature with dense and dark eyebrows. There are even women who dislike their short and fair eyebrows. When it comes to men, this is not an issue for them as they do not tend to spend long hours looking at their reflections in the bathroom mirror. But what should be done by all the women who do not have natural eye frame in the form of nice-looking eyebrows? For example, they can apply henna – a black pigment that produces more benefits than even the prettiest make-up.

In general, henna is a pigment made from plants that was used in ancient times for decorating body (a kind of ancient precursor of tattoos). In fact, this natural pigment is also used in some cultures nowadays, for the very same purpose. To demonstrate, while watching movies from Bollywood, you can notice various patterns drawn on actresses’ hands and feet – this is henna. In the present-day world, henna is used for colouring eyebrows, eyelashes or hair.

This pigment is produced from blossoms and leaves of a plant called Lawsonia inermis also known as mignonette tree or the Egyptian privet. How to prepare henna? Powdered Lawsonia inermis should be mixed with lemon juice, ground coffee or cloves. It should be stirred until a brown mush is created. Then, the mixture has to be left aside for several hours. During this period, lawsonia inermis is expected to release colouring substances. After this time, henna is ready to be used.

And how to use henna bought in a chemist? And how to apply it? Start with putting an oily cream on area around eyebrows. Due to this, you will eliminate the risk of staining skin with the pigment. Remember also to do not apply the cream on hairs since you will not be able to apply henna on greasy eyebrows. After that, make the preparation ready for use. Take a bowl and mix there henna and an activator is such a way to obtain an emulsion. With the aid of a brush, put the mixture on your eyebrows starting from nose side. Rinse henna after approximately 10 minutes. Worth realizing, the longer you keep henna on your eyebrows the darker colour you will gain. Having this in mind, do not overdo it. The excess of henna can be removed with a cotton pad damped with warm water and soap. The last thing to point out, while applying henna, follow the motions accordingly to the direction of eyebrow’s hair growth.

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