Dry skin, white stains, or maybe finger marks visible on your skin? If you have a problem with applying sunscreen then continue reading this article. Thanks to it, you will understand what you have been doing wrong the entire time.

It’s not the factor!

What’s a factor? It’s nothing more but indicator of the sun protection strength a cosmetic offers. Cream packaging features marking which indicates how high a particular factor is 25, 30 or 50. Its quantity should be selected having in mind the level of insolation of a place we are going to spend our holiday in. Moreover, SPF (Sun Protection Filter) should be selected to match time of the day and season. If you don’t know how to do this, use mobile weather forecast applications.

Too little sunscreen

Many of us think that just one layer of a sunscreen is enough to stay protected against the sun in 100%. However, it turns out that such products should be reapplied every two hours. Keep remembering this especially when you are sunbathing at the sea side and swim from time to time. Even if your product is waterproof, it’s better to reapply a sunscreen one more time.

You apply sunscreen only to the uncovered body parts

Why don’t you apply the product underneath your clothes? Fabrics your t-shirts and shorts are made from, don’t protect you in 100% against solar radiation. Therefore, before you leave your home, apply this protection-delivering product underneath your clothes even if you wear long sleeves and legs. Also, it’s advisable to apply a thicker layer of the sunscreen under the clothes that are made of airy fabrics.

Do you know what do SPF, IR and PPD stand for?

These are abbreviations informing us about the factor strength as well as kind of sun protection. SPF (Sun Protection Factor) indicates how strong a particular cream is to shield us against UVB radiation. PPD (Persistent Pigment Darkening) stands for the UVA radiation shield. When it comes IR abbreviation, it indicates Infrared Radiation protection. To sum up, if you care for health and good-looking skin, you should pay attention to all the indicators while buying a sunscreen.

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