In the winter, many women have problems with dry skin. The areas of the forehead, nose, the so-called T zone suffer the most. It’s the same part of the face that is responsible for sebum secretion, especially in the winter. Skin exfoliation is the best remedy that will deal with such a problem. 

What’s a skin exfoliating scrub and what types can we distinguish?

Skin exfoliation (also known as scrub or peel) is a dermatological procedure aimed at getting rid of dead skin cells. The cosmetic producers offer a wide range of peels which can be divided into:

  • enzyme,
  • grained (coarse or fine),
  • gommage,
  • peel-off.

Enzyme peel and its use

The main component of the enzyme peeling are plant or herbal enzymes, which is why it is recommended for a sensitive, dry and capillary skin. This is the most delicate type of exfoliation because it does not contain abrasive particles that might cause skin irritation.

Coarse-grained, fine-grained scrub and its use 

This type of skin exfoliator is composed of particles, for instance, ground nut shells. Such a product exfoliates the skin mechanically through friction and is mostly recommended for oily skin.

Gommage exfoliator and its use 

It is a combination of enzyme peel with grained scrub and it’s suitable for all skin types. The product contains very finely ground cereal grains. When the preparation dries a few minutes after the application, you must rub the face with circular movements and wash off the residue with warm water.

Peel-off mask and its use

The peel-off mask is a product suitable for all skin types. It comes in the form of a gel that unclogs the skin pores and gets rid of dead skin cells by tightening the skin.

Other types of skin exfoliators

This is the most common division of peels, but not the only one. Peelings can also be divided due to the depth:

  •  surface,
  • mid-deep,
  • deep.

What’s more, we can distinguish dermatological and cosmetic peels. Dermatological peeling is characterized by a higher concentration of the preparation, the dose of which is determined depending on the type and individual condition of the skin. Cosmetic peeling uses preparations with a weaker effect and aims to improve the overall appearance of the skin. The dermatological peeling is performed by a dermatologist and the cosmetic peeling – in a beauty salon.

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