Rainbow-like hair care? Why not! Especially when it delivers excellent hair benefits, beautiful scent and lots of natural substances which enhance the hair looks, shine and condition. That is what Ojon Rare Blend Hair Oil ensures.

Ojon Rare Blend Oil Total Hair Therapy is a special treatment which is supposed to provide the hair with a total look and – most of all – health. The oil is designed for all hair types and gets good reviews among women who had a chance of testing it.

Ojon Rare Blend Hair Oil is an unusual product. The cosmetic gives a nice visual experience, having three colors – you can clearly see three phases. Each one has a different shade and density. The yellow phase on top has most oils. The white phase has slightly heavier oils and milk proteins. The last phase – red one – is the heaviest, abounding in fragrances and essential oils (bergamot and Tonka bean oil).

There’s something more to Ojon Rare Blend Oil Total Hair Therapy than an eye-catching look and nice scent. As many as eleven natural oils make up the product. Each one has different properties, fatty acids, vitamins and minerals. Together, they make up a multi-vitamin mix for hair.

Rare Blend is composed of the following oils – castor oil, argan oil, palm oil, babassu oil, kukui oil, coconut oil, lemon oil, shea butter, marula oil and orange oil.

You must shake Ojon Rare Blend Oil well before use so the three phases are mixed. Next, apply the mixture from mid-lengths. The oil is suitable for damp strands after washing or dry hair (or just tips) in a daily styling routine.

Apart from natural oils, Ojon Rare Blend includes panthenol and pro-vitamin B5 which reinforce the hair structure, increase smoothness and shine, boosting the elasticity.

This product gives a perfect protection and makes a wonderful additive to the hair oil treatment. Ojon is unsuitable for the scalp application yet it delivers a stunning sheen and tames hair every day.

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