If skin care doesn’t give the desired effect, it surely affects your mood and your budget… You feel disappointed and immediately get another product that’s supposed to be better… and? It proves a failure too. What is the problem then? Make sure you don’t make one of the below mistakes!

1. You get discouraged way too fast!

Do you know that it takes four weeks for the epidermis to bounce back? And this is the time that you need to spot the results given by products.

Obviously, you can see some slight changes at the beginning but the key thing is you must be patient, use products regularly and don’t replace them too soon. So, choose one and use it systematically for at least 9 weeks – this is essential to get long-lasting improvement. Also, note that every substance needs different time to work because it has a different effect on skin. For example, retinoids need 6-10 weeks to show full potential.

As far as acne treatments go, they must be used for a minimum a month to improve the skin but you must note that the skin may look worse at the beginning of the therapy. Before you ditch a product, give it some time and let the skin absorb the active ingredients for real results.

2. You don’t exfoliate the skin or you overexfoliate it!

Exfoliating dead cells is a crucial or even NECESSARY element of the skin-care routine. Do you know that some skin types, like oily skin, need the exfoliation to work effectively. The accumulation of dead cells, face oil and bacteria causes acne breakouts. Plus, when we grow older, the skin loses its ability to repair on its own and it needs our assistance.

Exfoliation smoothens the skin texture as well as helps it repair and evens out the tone. A good exfoliant makes the skin absorb conditioning ingredients from creams and serums more easily. Therefore, remember to use a good exfoliant, e.g. enzyme scrub, once a week. Of course, overused scrub may cause damage to the skin, ruining its protective coating and making it reactive.

3. Your skin’s hydro-lipid mantle is damaged.

The microscopic hydro-lipid layer covers the skin and acts as a shield, a balancing agent and soothing compress.

By replenishing the lipids you make sure your skin is healthy and functions properly. So, do your best to hold water inside the skin to ensure the optimal levels of hydration. The hydro-lipid coating is damaged when you use too harsh products, scrubs and cleansers in particular. Soaps and SLS gel cleansers have different pH than skin so if you treat it to such products, it struggles to restore the pH balance.

Last of all, remember that irritated skin shouldn’t be treated with active ingredients like retinol, acids, vitamin C. So, always keep your skin moisturized and strengthen the hydro-lipid coating by using oils e.g. cold-pressed, unrefined jojoba oil.

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